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Subject: Re: [UK-CENSUS-HELPERS] Dealing with illegible entries
Date: Sat, 24 Jan 2009 06:48:15 EST

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Thus it is not necessary to set the
query flag for EACH member of the family in the household with the same
surname and likewise a note in column Y is not necessary either. As Natalia
said, it drives the checker and/or validator nuts when there are 15 people
in a family with the same surname and every entry is queried and a note put
in the notes - 14 times too many!


I like having a "Checkers grumble" as well sometimes. It's good for the
blood pressure.

But I disagree with you on the above. If I am working in WINCC and alter
the surname in one record it does not copy that alteration to the next record.
That is the whole point of checking each record so carefully. Sometimes you
have a family where the enumerator has used two or more different spellings
of the same surname. Having each surname query flagged is the "heads up" to
me that I may have to remember to change the surname and I would much prefer
that it remains that way. If I totally disagreed with what the transcriber
has put and altered only the HOH entry for a household of Mr Mrs and their 15
strong brood then Mrs and the brood would keep the transcribers choices.
Having to alter 15 surnames is just part of the job.


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