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Subject: Re: [UK-CENSUS-HELPERS] Evercreech Ecclesiastical Parish
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 2008 16:35:56 EST

In a message dated 20/11/2008 21:11:25 GMT Standard Time,

What does the Description of Enumeration District page say? If that clearly

says something like "the whole of the Parish of Evercreech" I would make
Evercreech the Ecclesiastical Parish and leave a note for the Validator.
That might just about qualify as "as is", and certainly makes more sense?
Jenny wrote:
Hi there
Bearing the 'as is' rule in mind, if the enumerator has put Bath and Wells
in the ECC 'box' then that is what should be entered
The researcher will find out about Evercreech

To Janet and Jenny

Two completely different views!! Many thanks for your thoughts

The ED only covers Evercreech and nothing else As Janet rightly says "Bath
& Wells" is the diocese and is not an ecclesiastical parish as such. Why did
he have to try and be so clever?


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