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From: Bob Strock <>
Subject: Re: [UFT] restore a project
Date: Wed, 11 Jan 2012 20:14:45 -0500
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Pat, First I would have to find a floppy disc drive. :-) Sorry I just
had to do that. I have a netbook that the only way to input something is
from a network or USB drive. Guess that is the reason it is called a
netbook. We are in a move mode to a new home and while trying to fill
boxes I asked myself what do I do with all of these old backups on

OK, Go to File > Open > pull down the list and click on backup > now
locate the drive and .sqz file. If you search Help for "Backup" at the
bottom is a link to "Restore Backup" Or search for Restore Backup.

Bob Strock

On 1/11/2012 3:47 PM, wrote:
> I need some education about restoring a project. Making a "backup" is a common
> suggestion. Well, I did that for a long time without any need to use it, but I
> do need help now. Quite possibly, I missed a section of the user's guide, but
> how do I recover a project from a floppy disc (xXX.sqz)? I use UFT regularily to
> print "indented descendant reports" and "block charts" for family members, but
> that's the limit. I've never shown them to others who might be familiar with
> genealogy software. I'd appreciate it if someone would provide a step-by-step
> guide to actually do it.
> ... Pat
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