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From: "virginia james" <>
Subject: [UFT] Viewing an index in UFT
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2009 21:33:32 -0500

Bob, Joan and Pierce,

I want to thank all three of you for responding to viewing an index in UFT.
My Times New Roman font is there but something has happened and each letter
of a word is no longer on the same line. I have tried to work with the font
but that is no longer an option so I have had to change to another font.

In the past I have had a problem with printing an index in UFT but had
forgotten about the page numbers not matching the text and I am so glad you
reminded me about it. This afternoon I did try printing through the UFT
editor the text, notes and index. The page numbers actually matched the
text perfectly. Now I will try sending the report, notes and index to Word
and print from there. I am trying new things for me in UFT and feeling more
comfortable doing them even though I am afraid of clicking on the wrong

Again, many thanks to all three of you for your input.


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