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Subject: RE: [UFT] Entering UK Census Information
Date: Mon, 25 Aug 2003 10:26:28 -0400

If you create the census event starting with the "wrong" person, you can correct your mistake without starting from scratch with the correct "head of household".
For example, if you create the event under the "wife", she will initially be the "Head" and that role with be marked as principle. When I do that, I will add the wife as "wife". She is now in the census twice. If I want her to be "principle", I will set the principle flag for her wife role (e.g. if she is my closest relative). I then put the correct person as "head" and turn off the principle flag for that role if I don't want the event to be reported under that person.
There are some census events where my relative is not related to the "head of household", e.g. if he/she is a boarder, servant, etc. In that case I add the "head of household" person to my database so that my relative's report will say something like "Joan Dow was a boarder in the home of John Smith...". I sometimes tailor the role sentence to suit a particular relationship, but I generally want the census reported under the person most closely related to me.
When I run into a relationship that is not included in one of the pre-defined roles, I edit the event template to add that role, with the appropriate role sentence, etc. Most of my census events use a common census event template that have all the "new" roles I've encountered. I use this event template for most British, US, and Canadian census events, except for the early censuses that did not define relationships to the Head of Household. I then don't worry about new censuses that have been released after UFT "died". (It's not dead for me, as it still meets my needs better than any other genealogy program.)

Pierce Reid

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