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Subject: Re: [UFT] Not Switching Yet
Date: Fri, 16 Aug 2002 23:16:11 EDT

I have been using UFT since it was Roots III. My largest project has over
15,000 individuals and with the help and support of folks on this List I am
continuing to use the program. Like you I bought The Master Genealogist
special and was waiting for the update with the intention of switching when
it came out. I understand it has been released but have not yet bought it. I
love UFT and do not want to give it up and am beginning to think I am too old
to switch to a new program with a steep learning curve. I have Family Tree
Maker but only use it to view GEDCOM files. Howard Nurse where are you!!
Please come home! :-)


In a message dated 8/15/2002 10:55:44 PM Central Daylight Time,

> I have been using UFT since the beginning of my research, about five years
> ago. When ever I have needed support, it was always quickly responded to
> and my problem resolved by the mainstays on this list. Thank you guys.
> I bought The Master Genealogist on that
> special-switch-over-50%-off-the-update deal, a year or more ago. I haven't
> used it - was waiting for the update, which I think is finally out and I
> haven't bought it yet. UFT works for me, in part I think, because I have
> less than 1,000 people in my database. I figure eventually I'll move to
> TMG, but am in no hurry.
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