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From: <>
Subject: Re: [UFT] Renumbering records
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 10:25:24 EST

Theresa Greene Reed wrote:
<<It just doesn't seem right not to use a number again when a
record has been deleted. >>
Okay, I had to get in here. I have recommended not reusing numbers in the
past, because I have had problems when I tried doing it where old events and
sources from the first individual became attached to the new individual.
Personally it doesn't matter to me if I have a few numbers without
individuals attached. But if you do decide to do this, be very careful. I
would run a pack before reusing any numbers, and I would check a printed
report occasionally after doing it. Where I had problems was with sources
still being attached to events even though the event and the person had been
deleted. I still have one that I have to manually delete. It doesn't show
in the event window.
My problem came when I began to renumber sources to fill in the numbers of
deleted sources. So maybe individual numbers would work, and it is just
source numbers that can't be changed. After realizing what was happening, I
stopped reusing numbers and just let UFT number them for me. Haven't had any
more problems after that.
<<I'm a record number person. I type in record numbers just about all of the
time, and rarely type in a name in the Find window. After having worked
with my database for a long time, I've gotten to know the important numbers.>>
Yeah, I do this too. I only look for someone in find, when I am searching
to see if they are in my database. But it really doesn't matter what their
number is, you can still do this even if you skip some numbers. For instance
I am number 2, my husband is 1. Our youngest daughter is 11656. She came
into being about 8 years after I began doing genealogy and a lot of people
later. :)
It really doesn't matter if you try and reuse numbers or not, but remember
if you do, that you could see information that was attached to the original
person show up in the new person's life. It is not a chance that I
personally am willing to take.
Merry Christmas and happy hunting to everyone. May all your brick walls
Teresa Ghee Elliott

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