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I am not related. Benjamin Franklin Butler was the son of J Monroe or Monroe J and Nancy Butler of GA. Benjamin appears to have been born in Cleburne county Alabama per census records.

3 Apr 1930; Census Place: Precinct 8, Upshur, Texas; Roll: 2403; Page: 1B; Enumeration District: 21; Image: 991.0.
Ben F Butler, age 65, widower, was 21 when he married, born AL, parents GA, owned his home, farmer

Murph Butler, age 31, was 21 when he married, born AL, parents AL
Myrtle, wife, 30, TX
Douglas, son, 9
Harrell, son, 5

Jasper Butler abt 1896 Alabama
Ellie Butler abt 1911 Wife
[Jasper not listed in 1920 record]

Hans W Butler abt 1893 Alabama Head
Venie Butler abt 1899 Wife
Lewis D Butler abt 1919 Son
Lois Ruth Butler abt 1922 Daughter
Audry Butler abt 1924 Daughter
Eldon Butler abt 1927 Son

Hans Butler is listed in the 1920 census as Hanne Butler and birth place listed as Texas...same wife and son Lewis D in that record. I am thinking that this is same person listed in the 1900 census as daughter "Hannie" born 1893. It would not be the first time this error was made or just a large similarity ? You can decide if you wish to persue this further.

1930, Pct 1, Upshur, TX
Judge H Butter abt 1887 Alabama
Lela Butter abt 1889 Wife
Huel L Butter abt 1915 Son
Lee R Butter abt 1918 Son
Majorie Butter abt 1920 Dtr
Boner E Butter abt 1923 Son
Boyd E Butter abt 1925 Son

13 Jan 1920; Census Place: Justice Precinct 8, Upshur, Texas; Roll: T625_1853; Page: 3B; Enumeration District: 120; Image: 996
Ben F Butler, 56, AL AL GA, could read and write.
Lucy M, wife, 59, AL AL AL, could not read/write.
Murphy, son, 21, AL

Judge J Butler abt 1888 Alabama, parents AL
Lela Butler abt 1889 Texas, parents TX
Huel Lee Butler abt 1915 Texas
Hildred Butler abt 1917 Texas
Marjorie E Butler abt 1919 Texas

1910; Census Place: 2 J-Pct, Bosque, Texas; Series: T624; Roll: 1533; Page: 56A; Enumeration District: 5; Part: 2; Line: 13.
Ben Butler, age 45, 1st marriage of 25 years, born AL, parents GA
Lucy, wife, age 49, 2nd marriage, she had 10 children, 9 are living, born AL, parents AL
Zella, daughter, 18, AL
Jasper, son, 14, AL
Murphy, son, 10, AL
Ola, daughter, 5, TX...married by 1920 ? or deceased ?

Judge Butler, appx 23 in 1910, is not found in 1910 census which only lists "head of household"
9 June 1900; Census Place: Bell Mills, Cleburne, Alabama; Roll: T623 9; Page: 7B; Enumeration District: 139
Ben Butler, born Feb 1872 in GA, record says married 11 years, parents from GA, owned home, occupation: Preacher
Melvina, wife, born 3/1865 in GA, mother of 6 children all are living, parents from GA
Judge, son, 1/1887, AL
Denia?, daughter, 6/1888, AL
Zella, daughter, 3/1891, AL
Hannie, daughter, 4/1893, AL
Jasper, son, 3/1895, AL
Willie, son, 6/1896, AL
Lou Madden, niece, 4/1878, AL GA GA
Staling Madden, nephew, 3/1880, AL GA GA

I think the 1865 birth year to be more accurate. You should obtain a copy of his death certificate to confirm and it also should have parents names on it.

Most of the 1890 census burned in 1921.

The 1880 record shows 2 Ben Butler's born appx 1865. The other one was not in Cleburne County and since that is where he was in the 1900 record I am including this one. The other one was in Butler county and parents from SC.

1880 Arbacoochee, Cleburne, Alabama
Family History Library Film 1254008
NA Film Number T9-0008 Page Number 243A
Monroe BUTLER 46 GA Farmer SC GA
Nancy BUTLER Wife 44 GA Keeps House GA GA
Messouri BUTLER Dau 20 GA ...not in 1870 record unless person listed as "P M", male in 1870 record ?
Johnson BUTLER Son 18 AL
Benjamin BUTLER Son 16 AL
Lucenda BUTLER Dau 12 AL
Frances BUTLER Dau 9 AL
Mary E. BUTLER Dau 13 AL
Leda BUTLER Dau 5 AL
Henry BUTLER Son 1 AL

1880; Census Place: Bells Mill, Cleburne, Alabama; Roll: T9_8; Family History Film: 1254008; Page: 192.4000; Enumeration District: 44; Image: 0153
Jehtra R.[Jeptha] Butler, 23, AL GA AL, works in gold mines
Lou, wife, 26, GA
James R, son, 3
Nancy S, dtr, 2

1880; Census Place: Arbacoochee, Cleburne, Alabama; Roll: T9_8; Family History Film: 1254008; Page: 243.2000; Enumeration District: 47; Image: 0255
Harrisan Butler, 22, AL GA GA, farmer
Eva, wife, 22
Irvin, son, 3
Levastus, son, born May 1880
[this family still in Cleburne county in 1900]

1880; Census Place: Pine Thicket, Cleburne, Alabama; Roll: T9_8; Family History Film: 1254008; Page: 166.3000; Enumeration District: 42; Image: 0100. Dwelling # 213
Frances Chandler, female, 62, born GA, parents GA
Sarah Chandler, daughter, 17, AL SC GA
William Madden, 24, GA SC GA
Josephine Madden, wife, 27, GA SC GA
Frances L Madden, daughter, 1, AL GA GA
..all of these persons living in same household but does not indicate if the Madden's are related to the Chandler's. It is my opinion that Frances L is the Lou in the 1900 record.

14 Jan 1870; Census Place: Township 17 Range 11, Cleburne, Alabama; Roll: M593_9; Page: 377; Image: 146. Wehoga Post Office
J M Butler, 33, farmer, $100 personal wealth, GA
Nancy, 32, GA
Jeptha R, male, 13, AL
Harr...?? W, male, 11, AL
P M, male, 9, AL
Johnson, 7, AL
Benjamin F, 5, AL
Mary E, 11, AL
Lency C, 1 AL [Lucenda]
Frances, female, 2 mos, AL

The Butler's are not in the 1860 Cleburne county census, no Monroe or Nancy Butler found in AL in 1860 record and the 1850 census does not show a Monroe Butler but there are 5 James Butler's born appx same time in GA two of which are in Alabama in 1850 census.


Butler, Thomas Eldon 9-28-1926, Upshur
Venia Mclendon - W. H. Butler

Butler, "female" 1-8-1931, Upshur
Venie Mcclendon - Hanie Butler

Butler, Wylie Elwin 01-11-1932, Upshur
Elie Ruth McKnight - D Jasper Butler

Butler, Johnnie Huel 2-12-1944
Faye Margaret Simpson **Death File Number Exists**
[I can't explain this "death file number" info]

There are other documents pertaining to Butler surname. The birth records start in 1926 and include parent names through the 1949 records.

Bonner Everett Butler married Mavis Holmes.
Rootsweb Alabama Files

File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by:
Candace Gravelle October 19, 2004, 8:50 pm

The Cleburne News
NEWSPAPER ABSTRACTS FROM "THE CLEBURNE NEWS", Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama for JUNE 1923
NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, June 7, 1923
Harrison Butler of near Edwardsville was in to see us Saturday. He left his
renewal and that of his brother Ben of Gilmer, Texas.

Well I guess this newspaper article is proof as to Ben Butler's beginnings and that he kept up with the news from home. There are 49 documents from the Cleburne website on Rootsweb. I only copied these few.

Someone with the newspaper must have been related to the Butler's or very close friend.

The Cleburne News
When R.R. (Jep) Butler, brother of Uncle Harrison Butler, stepped off the
train at Edwardsville a few evenings ago, it was his second visit back to
Cleburne County since he moved away in 1880, which was 45 years ago, his
first trip back here was in 1907. Although gone a long time, he has not lived
beyond the borders of Alabama; he now resides with family in Birmingham,
moving to the Magic City from Gadsden several years ago. Uncle Jep says that he came over to Cleburne for health and his brother Harrison says he certainly brought his appetite along with him, judging from the manner in which he devours butter milk, corn bread and ham and eggs.

The Cleburne News April 1926
NEWSPAPER ABSTRACTS FROM "THE CLEBURNE NEWS", Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama for APRIL 1926
A telegram received here Friday stating that John H. Butler of Unadilla,
Georgia was shot and seriously wounded Thursday night and had been carried to a hospital in Macon, Georgia. Butler is a son of Harrison W. Butler of near this place, and is a telegraph operator in the Georgia town. No details of the shooting were learned.

The Cleburne News August 1925
NEWSPAPER ABSTRACTS FROM "THE CLEBURNE NEWS", Heflin, Cleburne County, Alabama for AUGUST 1925
NEWSPAPER issue of Thursday, August 6, 1925
M.J. Butler and sisters Mrs. C.L. Tucker and Miss Fannie Butler of Elmore
County were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Harrison Butler and other Cleburne
relatives this week. John is an old pal of the writer and we know enough on
the boy to "pen" him til Gabriel toots his trumphet, but blamed if we "squeal"
on him at this late day.

1900 Bell Mills, Cleburne, AL
"Harrie" Butler, 5/1857
Annie, wife, 4/1854
Henry, 4/1883
Luella, 4/1885
John, 6/1890
Essie, 4/1893
Leonard, 6/1897
Lovie? Haines, niece, 7/1885
Minnie Haines, niece, 3/1888

6 of 8 children born to Harrison were living in 1900. Two sons; Irvin, born appx 1877 and Levastus, born 1880 were not listed in the 1900 record.

Harrison is not in the 1910 census.

1920, Edwardsville, Cleburne, AL
Harrison, 63; Ann, 65 and daughter Ella, 29, single appears to be Luella, born appx 1885.

Leonard M Butler, 1898; wife Merkie E, 1900; Thelma, appx 1917

By the 1930 census Harrison W Butler was widowed at age given of 72 and residing with son R Jess Butler, age listed as 34; Bessie, wife, 33; Kathleen, 12; Florence, 10; Annie Pearl, 7; Jimmie Lee, dtr, 3 and Betty Lou, 2.

1910; Census Place: 5-Pct, Morgan, Alabama; Series: T624; Roll: 29; Page: 103B; Enumeration District: 151; Part: 2; Line: 14.
Jeptha R Butler, 55, married 34 yrs
Luisa A, wife, 57, 5 living children
John, son, 19

No luck in finding other census for Jeptha R Butler.

Happy Hunting!

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