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March 31, 2004

The list of ancestors of Henry Clay Allen (1857TX-1946AZ) I described in my February 2004 submission to this database were supplied from memory, and a few inaccuracies may have occurred. I became concerned about this, and so obtained a print copy of the geneological document from which the list of about 18 generations described originated, and have it here with me as I write this revised version of the ancestors for Henry Clay Allen (1857TX-1946AZ) starting with George Alleyne (Allen) of Staffordshire, Charley Manor, England (1460-1540).

My sister, Cynthia Allen (formerly Cynthia Allen Strouse), mailed me a copy of a document she obtained without details of how she got the document, which seems quite authentic.

The list of Henry Clay Allen ancestors below was described in a geneological research project commissioned by Henry Clay Allen's niece, Opal Bernice Allen Hermanson, daughter of Henry Clay Allen's youngest son, Thomas Jesse Allen (1889TX-1973NM). The date of the geneological study is not clear, but the reference to the Daughters Of The American Revolution 1966 Patriot Index (describing USA Revolutionary War vet William Carr Allen, direct ancestor of Henry Clay Allen) may mean the study was completed in the 1960's, since updates to that reference work have certainly occurred since 1966.

Here, then, taken from the geneological report titled ANCESTORS OF OPAL BERNICE ALLEN I received from my sister, Cynthia Allen of Towson, MD, are the direct ancestors of Henry Clay Allen (1857TX-1946AZ) from most distant known to most recent:

The oldest known direct ancestor of Henry Clay Allen (1857TX-1946AZ) is George (Alleyne) Allen (1460 Chartley Manor, Stafford, England - 1540 England). George Allen's ancestors were as follow:

Richard (Alleyne) Allen (1490 England-1559 England)

John (Alleyne) Allen (1510 England-1557 England)

Richard (Alleyne) Allen I (1550 Hundleby, Lincoln County, England-14August1616Hundleby, Lincoln County, England)
Note: 1616 is the year William Shakespeare died in England.

Richard (Alleyne) Allen II (9Nov1572Skillington, Lincoln County, England-25October1651Stowting, Kent County, England)
Note: He studied at Oxford U.(Corpus Christi College) and
was awarded four degrees: BA, MA, B.D., and D. Divinity. He became rector of St. Mildred's Church (some sources state "St. Michael's Church") in Canterbury, Kent County, England, then became rector in Stowting, Kent County, England until his death in 1651. He was the last Allen ancestor of Henry Clay Allen (1857TX-1946AZ) to die in England. His son and grandson both were born in England, but emmigrated to America (New Kent County, Virginia) where they settled permanently between 1651 and 1675.

Richard Allen III (1613Canterbury, Kent County, England-1690New Kent County, Virginia USA)

Richard Allen IV (1650England-17June1725Hanover, Virginia USA)
Note: Richard Allen IV (1650England-1725Virginia) died in Virginia the same year his USA Revolutionary War veteran great-grandson, William Carr Allen (1725VA-1789VA) was born in New Kent County, Virginia USA.

Robert Allen (1675New Kent County, Virginia USA-4October1755, Hanover County, Virginia USA)

Robert Allen (1704St. Peter's Parish, New Kent County, Virginia-March 1784Caswell County, North Carolina)

William Carr Allen (1725New Kent County, Virginia-8April1789St. James Parish, Mecklenburg County, Virginia)
Note: William Carr Allen (1725VA-1789VA) "was a soldier in the USA American Revolution, see DAR Patriot Index, 1966, page 11."

Drury Allen (1745Hanover County,Virginia USA-10April1823, Anson County, North Carolina USA).
Note: Family histories, not mentined in the Opal Bernice Allen geneology of the Allen family state that Drury Allen served as a soldier in the USA American Revolutionary War.

Thomas Allen (1775Hanover County, Virginia USA-January 1858Fayette County, Tennessee USA)

Jeremiah Allen (1806North Carolina USA-1880/1885 Bastrop County, Texas USA)

James T. Allen (February 1832 Polk County, Tennessee-31October 1900 Decatur, Wise County, Texas)
Note: James T. Allen (1832 TN -1900 TX) served as a soldier in the Confederate States Of America rebel army during the USA American Civil War. He "was a member of the 18th Texas Cavalry, Company "B" of the Confederate Army, also known as Darnell's Regiment", most of which was recruited from Wise County, Texas. The 18th Texas Cavalry CSA fought in Arkansas, was imprisoned in a POW camp near Springfield, Ohio, later released and fought in Georgia in both Ringgold, Georgia and in Atlanta, Georgia. After 1864, most of the 18th Texas Cavalry CSA was "unmounted" (i.e. fought as foot soldier w/o horses). James T. Allen was decorated and honorably discharged from the CSA army in Georgia, and made his way back to his family in Wise County, Texas alone, riding the entire way on a mule, foraging for food including "dry land terrepin (turtle)" before arriving home on a rainy night unexpectedly. His 8 year old son, Henry Clay Allen (1857TX-1846AZ) often recalled and recounted th!
e story of his father's return home after the Civil War to his
grandchildren. The return from the Civil War of James T. Allen, as told by his son, Henry Clay Allen, was described in a letter written by Henry Clay Allen's granddaughter Velma Cudd Bennett to her sister, Juanita Cudd Russell in the 1960's. Foy Allen (1911TX-2003MD USA) obtained a copy of that descriptive letter, and in turn gave a copy of it to his son (me), David Roger Allen (1944- ). A fragment of that letter is presently (March 2004) in my possession. James T. Allen (1932TN - 1900TX) died in 1900. Two years following his death, James T. Allen's surviving widow, Sarah (Sallie) Miller (August 1839 Kentucky USA - 5 November 1902, Decatur, Wise County, TX) applied unsuccessfully for a "Confederate Pension, State of Texas," which she was refused due to her owning a home worth $400 and miscellaneous property worth $100. She was "deemed able to take in borders." Her application for a pension (#9373) was disapproved by Comptroller R.W. Love on September 22,
1902. She died approximately 6 weeks after the disapproval date, on November 5, 1902. Information provided here about the subject of Sarah Allen's Confederate Pension Application is provided in footnote "Sources" at the end of the "Ancestors Of Opal Bernice Allen" document on which most of the facts of the geneological history of Henry Clay Allen's ancestors offered here is based.

Henry Clay Allen (27July1857 Wise County Texas-24June1946 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona)
Note: Henry Clay Allen (1857TX-1946AZ) worked during his teen years inthe 1870's as a cowboy "drover" on the Old Chisholm Trail, herding Texas longhorn cattle from Texas to the railhead in Abeline, Kansas from which the cows were shipped to meat packing facilities in Chicago, Illinois by train. Henry Clay Allen married twice, once briefly to woman
who deserted their marriage weeks after it was declared. His new wife left him unexpectedly during a religious camp meeting the newly-wed couple was attending. He obtained a divorce, and re-married Mary Eugenia (Mollie) Brazil (26November1859 Marion County, Texas - 5February1946 Phoenix, Maricopa County, Arizona USA) in the early 1880's. Both were buried near the farm they shared for decades. The couple was buried at the Old Spur Cemetery, Spur, Dickens County,
Texas USA. Henry Clay Allen served as a Texas Ranger under Captain Ira Long during the 1880's, and is listed on the website identifying 19th century Texas Rangers as "Henry Allen." He was a lifelong, deeply religious member of the Baptist Church, and a founder of one of the Baptist congregations located in the "panhandle" region of northern Texas. He mortgaged his Dickens County TX farm for $400 in 1919 following the untimely death of his daughter, Etta Anna Allen Cudd (April 1886 [some records state 1885], Wise County, Texas - 6 January 1919 Bakersfield, California USA) and his son-in-law, Otis Joseph Cudd (1880 TX - 3 January 1919 Bakersfield, California USA), both casualties of the Spanish Influenza Epidemic of 1919 which killed 20 million Americans in the USA, and also an estimated 60 million worldwide. Henry Clay Allen's six grandchildren by his daughter, Etta Allen Cudd, were suddenly orphaned and left destitute in California with no close relatives or friends !
to care for them. Henry Clay Allen used the $400 he obtained by mortgaging his Dickens County TX farm and sent his son, Thomas Jesse Allen of New Mexico, to California where Thomas Jesse Allen arranged for the return of the orphaned grandchildren to Texas where they were placed with relatives. Henry Clay Allen raised two of his orphaned granddaughters until both reached adulthood and went away to college.

Henry Clay Allen had four children:

James Robert Allen (12 February 1884 Boonesville, Wise County, Texas - May 1970 Reno, Washoe County, Nevada)
Note: James Robert Allen (1884 TX - 1970 NV USA) worked as a movie actor in Tom Mix silent cowboy movies in Hollywood.

Etta Anna Allen (April 1886 [some records state 1885], Wise County, Texas - 6January1919 Bakersfield, California USA),
mother of six children, including Juanita Cudd Russell, Velma Cudd (Mrs. Aubrey) Bennett, Frederick Richard Cudd (who changed his name legally to "Foy Ray Allen" during his adult years), Helen Cudd (Mrs. Royal) Stewart, Lyndall Cudd (Mrs. Roger) Willock, and Joseph Otis Cudd.

Foy Allen (January 6, 1911 Floydata, Floyd County, Texas - June 17, 2003 Parkville, Baltimore County, Maryland) married Dorothy Hoppman Allen on May 30, 1941. They had four children, including David Roger Allen (January 18, 1944 Manhatten, New York City, NY USA - ), Cynthia Dorothy Allen (Mrs. Gregory Norman) Strouse (July 25, 1945 Manhatten, New York City, New York USA -- ), Deborah Christine (Mrs. Richard Eugene) Holcomb (September 28, 1948 Manhatten, New York City, NY USA -- ), and Maeve Allen (2 July 1956 Baltimore, Maryland USA - 3 July 1956 Baltimore, Maryland USA).

Submitted by David Roger Allen, Freeland, Maryland USA (18 January 1944 Manhatten, New York City, NY USA -- ) on March 31, 2004. Email: .

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