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From: Linda Hansel <>
Subject: [TUXHORN] Tuxhorn corrections
Date: Fri, 27 Mar 2009 17:09:20 -0700 (PDT)

Sorry folks, I forgot to post these changes.  For the people that has already received my book, please go to these pages and make the changes.  I appreciate everyone sending their mistakes.  That is the only way to make the history more accurate in the future.  Some do not take the time to make the corrections.  I am never offended when you point out the wrong entries.  Thanks!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  Linda
Page 104:
#124  McPherson is spelled wrong (not McPhearson) in several places.  Robert Paul Kubin was born in Brea County, California.
#125 Under children  (243) Kari Jo Johnson was born Mar 6, 1961 (not June 3)
Page 138:
You have Sedgwick spelled wrong   (not Sedwick)
#243  Kari's birthdate Mar 6, 1961 (not June 3)
    Children:  ii.  Meredith (not Meridity)
                  iii.  Cecilia  (not Cecillia)
Page 212   Meredith & Cecilia are spelled wrong again.
Page 237
Under Ruth L. Tuxhorn --Dad's real name is Joseph John Straka
Under Willa Jo Straka down to the grandchildren both Meredith & Cecilia are spelled wrong again.
On page 194  I just happened to notice that the picture of Harlan & Phyllis.  You have Phyllis as a Tuxhorn.
I better quit being so picky.  SORRY.  I guess it wouldn't matter as nobody knows us anyway so they wouldn't know the difference.
It's cold here & we had around 3" of snow yesterday.  Have church tonite so better quit, fix supper & get ready.  Thanks.
Willa Jo

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