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From: "Carol Park" <>
Subject: [TOLPUDDLE] London Ontario
Date: Sun, 6 May 2012 17:20:24 +1000

Hi all,
The 'list' has gone quiet recently - just wanted to share a good surprise I have recently had. My son and his wife are travelling the world for a year - a delayed 'gap year' for both after studying and training in Medicine for 8 years. He like my other children have, sadly, taken nil interest in the Loveless heritage and their mother's eureka moments - thanks my great friend Irene - on the computer as they were growing up.

Well this week he sent photos of himself next to George, James Standfield, Dinniah Loveless, Louisa Loveless (?) Thomas and Robert Loveless tomb stones in London cemetery. Their Canadian friends pointed them in the right direction assuring Rob that yes, Loveless was a famous name in London Ontario!

I would have posted them but don't think I can on this list. The ironic thing to me is that a mother furiously working it with our Loveless line and telling the Tolpuddle story to my children for - years - appeared to be completely unimpressive, yet a week visiting some friends of friends has transformed my son into a Tolpuddliaphile (he calls it Tolpuzzling). You gotta laugh! But they're a great addition to my gene collection - thanks son. And yes Donna they love Canada, currently in Montreal.

Any more new discoveries from anyone on their 'lines'?
Is it time for another comparing trees on the list in case there are newer arrivals with their family lines?

Best wishes to all the cuzzies from sunny Qld


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