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From: "Bettie B. Davis" <>
Subject: Re: [TNLaud'r] My appologies
Date: Tue, 1 Apr 2003 15:19:30 -0600
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Just one little correction--we have SIX issues a year. And many thanks
for mentioning the Historical Society and the Newsletter. I don't
think I have advertised it on this list, but it is written up on the
Lauderdale County Genealogy page.

You're right--it's only $10.00 per year.

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Subject: Re: [TNLaud'r] My appologies

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> > No, Barbra, I'm not the OFFICIAL Lauderdale County genealogist,
just a
> > "shade-tree" practitioner.
> Hello Bettie: Have been reading a lot of Lauderdale Co. requests
lately and
> even some mention of the Grace Cemetery in Central. I have a number
> relatives, including a sister, buried there.
> The purpose of this message is to let anyone that doesn't already
> about the Lauderdale Co. Historical Society. They have four issues
> and only charge $10.00 a year. I have found some things about my
> families from there and think it is worthwhile subscribing to. I
think I
> have heard from you regarding my subscription when I started it. I
> you live in Halls and I had an aunt that lived there for a number of
> Still have a cousin living there.
> I suspect that you have already let people know about the Gen.
Society but
> just had to be certain. Mary Bonds
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