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From: "David Cagle" <>
Subject: [TNHARDIN] Hardin Co., TN Historical Society Meeting 10/30/08
Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 20:08:37 -0500

The Hardin County Historical Society meeting last Thursday was a huge success. Dr. Timothy Smith spoke about the problems encountered by the civilian population on and around the Shiloh battlefield particularly during the battle and also during the period of occupation before the battle and the many many problems encountered after the battle. Many of you have ask that we provide the substance of the talk, either audio or a written copy over the internet. In that respect, we have Good News/Bad News, first the bad: Dr. Smith spoke form memory, not using notes, a paper or an outline and there is no audio. The Good News: Dr. Smith's talk came from a paper he wrote for the "Tennessee Historical Quarterly." You may contact the Tennessee Historical Society, Ground Floor War Memorial Building, Nashville TN 37243-0084. His article was printed in the Spring 2008 Quarterly, LXVII, No. 1, pages 36 through 55.
David Cagle, President
Hardin Co., Historical Society

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