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From: "Joyce&Ron Adams" <>
Subject: Sissom St. Manchester, Tn
Date: Thu, 27 Apr 2006 18:38:12 -0400

My apologies if this is a repeat. I did not get what I think would have been
a typical response to my first attempt. I would like to know the location of
what would have been "Sissom St." in 1920 Manchester. I have narrowed it
down somewhat to the S. Spring St., Lynchburg Rd. and Oakdale St. area. I
spoke with some very kind people at the courthouse but, they were too young
to remember any street such as that, nor do they have maps that go back that
far. This is the street on which my grandfather and father were born. For
bonus points, if anyone knows of the family of John Q Adams and Sally Belle
Perry Adams I am interested. My dad left Manchester the year after his
birth(1929) and knows nothing of aunts, uncles, or cousins. Thanks.
Ron Adams

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