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This gets more interesting. If Patton's name is indeed Farler, then my
great grandparents, Hugh B. & Mary Belle (Fowler) Phillips apparently have
no known kinship.

The jury does have some interesting names, though I assume they would not
be relatives of the couple who lost their child. Martin L. Prater's niece,
Mary L. E. Prater/Woods, was Hugh B. Phiilips' first wife. All of their
grandchildren were born here as Hugh & Mary's daughter, Francis Mariah
"Fannie" (Phillips) McCoy married at age 17 in 1891 to a widower with six
children, and all eleven of her children were born here. Mary L. E. Prater
was born shortly before the marriage of her parents, Nathan & Kessiah
(Prater) Woods. Even though Fannie told her children that Mary L. E.
(Prater/Woods) Phillips was a Woods, the censuses and marriage records are
inconsistant. She's called Woods in censuses, but Prater in their marriage
record. My grandfather was the oldest child of the second marriage, both
Mary and the oldest daughter of Hugh and Mary, Louisa Phillips, having
died before 1876.

Nathan Neely is related to Ruth (Neely) Elkins, first wife of Mary Belle
(Fowler) Phillips' Uncle, Higdon Richard Jarrett "Dick" Elkins. All Dick's
grandchildren were born here too and he lived here until his death in

James Mears was kin to Sarah (Phillips) Mears, daughter of James Phillips
whom some believe may be related to Benjamin H. F. Phillips. Sarah moved
to Marion County, Arkansas near the Newton/Searcy County place where Hugh
B. Phillips and his third wife moved in 1894. I grew up on and still own
much of the farm Hugh bought there in 1900.

But, none of that gets us any closer to who Patton Farler and Nancy
Phillips were.

We've never found any suggestion of a connection between the families of
Rezin Fowler and Jacob B. Fowler, father of Mary Belle (Fowler) Phillips.

> I've been investigating Patton Farley/Farler in an attempt to locate the
> parents of my ggg grandmother Letty Farley who married Tom Prater.
> First, the Farler/Philips marriage license says "Miss Nancy Philips" which
> strongly indicates that she this was her first marriage, though she was
> about 40 at time of marriage.
> Patton's last name is "Farley" in the earliest land records in 1831 and
> "Farly" in 1834. Patton "Farler" and John Farler are living next to one
> another in 1840. Patton's first wife is apparently still alive in 1840.
> In 1841 there is this interesting item in the court record: "This day
> reported to court an Inquest Held by them over the dead body of an Infant
> child at the house of Patton Farles on the 6th day of March 1841 -- report
> upon their oath that the said Infant came to its death by the visitation
> of
> God and not otherwise -- And whereupon the following justies being present
> to wit.
> David Patton
> Sam'l Lance
> Sam'l Greear
> Martin L. Prater
> David D. Hipp
> Nathan Neely
> James Mears Esqrs."
> Patton Farler married Miss Nancy Philips on 2 Feb 1844. R. Fowler was the
> clerk and made the entry. This would indicate that Patton's last name was
> NOT "Fowler" otherwise the clerk would likely have spelled it the same as
> his own name.
> In 1850 Patton Farler and Nancy are on the census. Also that year Patton
> Farler transfers 75 acres of land to John Farler.
> In 1854 Patton is on the tax list in the 13th Civil District in Warren
> County (just across the county line in the old Davenport area)
> also in 1854 Patton Farler receives a small land grant in the same area of
> Warren.
> In 1860 Patton and Nancy Farler are in the Census in Warren County and a
> Jno
> Philips, 27, Laborer is living with them.
> Patton and John were born in Kentucky and may be the sons of Clay Farley
> and
> Lettice "Letty" McCarthy of Barren County Kentucky. Letty's grandmother
> was
> a Patton.
> Also in Jan 1826 a Clay Farley owned 20 acres in on the "headwaters of the
> Stones River" in Warren County, Tenn. This may be Clay Farley, Sr or it
> may
> be Clay Farley, Jr.
> If anyone knows more about this family please sontact me.
> Brent Cantrell
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