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My g-grandfather, James V Spain, took his wife, seven sons and two daughters
to Ellis Co, TX. He also had a brother, Samuel Eagleton Spain, who brought
his family to TX. They had both married McKnight women. When asked why the
family left, my g-father said so they wouldn't starve to death. Their stock
and farm equipment came by train. They also had property in Bowie, Montague
Co, TX. Three of the boys stayed in Texas, settling in Montague and Denton
counties, and the others went to Maricopa County, AZ. Now, somebody please
explain to me why anyone would go to Phoenix in 1905!!! That's well before
air conditioning! Mother remembers a train ride there. The windows were
all open. They were warned to duck if the Indians showed up.

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I was interested in the question about why so many families moved from TN to
Bell Co. TX, and have wondered that many times myself.

I am starting to compile a list of the various families from this part of TN
who moved. If any would like me to add any names to the list, I'd be happy
to. Speculation, in my own family's case, is that it was due to economics
and family encouragement to move. At least two of Samuel Elliott's sons, and
several grandsons, had already made the trek to Texas a decade or so before,
and no doubt brought back stories of the opportunities to be found there. In
1885, my g-grandmother Talitha Elliott Duncan had a brother, James H.
Elliott, who moved to Bell County, Texas. Nancy Elliott, Talitha┬╣s younger
sister, had married William Crossland and they settled nearby in Lott, Texas
and opened a blacksmith shop. Other family members--Lemmons, Cawthons,
Hathcocks, to name a few, also moved to the same area around this time.

>From what I have read about the Cannon/Coffee areas of TN, they were still
struggling to recover economically after the Civil War. Whereas TX was
beginning to boom again by the 1880's, offering many good financial
prospects and large areas of ranchland for farmers and stock raisers. By
1882 two new railroads had opened up Coryell County to more commercial trade
(neighboring to Bell County) and this is where my Duncan family settled.
Copperas Cove, nearby, was a prosperous and key shipping point for
cattle--'using the new railways made long trail drives unnecessary', says
the Handbook of Texas Online.

These are just some ideas--wish I had some letters or diaries left behind so
we would know for sure!

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