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From: Joe Sissom <>
Subject: Re: [TNCANNON] Reasons to leave TN
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 20:50:57 -0500
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> Yep, we did, Joe. Then others went up "Nawth", 'cause they had jobs and
> such.

Our family's slaves went to Chicago. I have had some contact w/ them.
They know as much about the family as we do.
> I think perhaps Cannon Co., wasn't exactly a garden of Eden, after the Civil
> War, again in the late 1800's , and still later, during the great
> depression.

I do know that my SISSOM ancestors all were plsd at how much easier
farming was in Ellis vs Cannon Co. My g/f became relatively prosperous,
had several patents, knew how to raise cotton even w/ boll weevils, was
terracing his land long before the Feds found out about it. I know the
1st time I saw where my family lived I could not figure out how they
could farm it.... haven't changed my mind!!!!

Decoration Day not being on 'Memorial Daq observed", a political
appointment, a business my son & I are trying to get rolling, & a
reunion in my wife's family is going to keep me away this year.


> Jess
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