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From: "Jess Lewis" <>
Subject: Re: [TNCANNON] Moving from TN to TX
Date: Sun, 10 May 2009 17:24:54 -0500
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Another reason to relocate, that most folks seem to want to ignore, is that
during this time, there were NO extradition laws in place, between states.
No telephone, no internet, no radio, no TV either, for that matter. The
"law" was a long way away, down in Woodbury, or Nashville, especially when
horseback on muddy roads was the only way of travel, and "liquor" was freely
available over in the next hollow.
Feuds or simple disagreements often escalated quickly and were sometimes
settled on the spot. The best man didn't always win.
But, if you could load up and disappear, before the "law" got there, you
were good to go.
I personally have two such family branches who got to Texas, in this manner.
One in the Temple area, and another near Lubbock.
Then, on the other hand, I had another family member, who "lost the duel",
by a low blow, or so I'm told. In this case, it was his adversary, who "lit
out for Texas".

Jess Lewis

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