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What Tenpenny's are in your family. My g grandfather Joseph Daniel Harris
married Azaline Tenpenny daughter of Richard and Eunicy Nicie Summars
WMYule @kc

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>I think Carl still has some left. It is the John Morgan Family.
> John came from Montgomery County, VA somewhere around 1818 and settled on
> the Barren Fork River near what is now the Cannon/Warren Co Line. I am
> from Allen Morgan, who first had property around Clairmont ? on the line.
> Then he inherited property on Locke Creek from his Father in Law, Ward
> Barrett Sr and moved there, probably about 1842.
> I have Lemmons, Harris, Tenpenny, Vance, Carric, Shelton, Reeds and others
> in my direct line.
> Carl's Morgan Book is three volumns and quite large. Carl comes from
> Elizabeth Morgan Lemmons, daughter of John Sr.
> I was surprised when I did get the Books, how many Families in Cannon
> County I was related to. I would imagine many of you on here, I am
> related to. Better get off. They split my eye open last thursday and
> reconstructed it and filled it with oil and I was told no PC for a week by
> the DR. Can't help it. Addictive. Enjoy hearing from all of you since I do
> not have much Family left anymore. Long days in the house.
> Kevin
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