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Did your Robert Randall WARMACK md a Stella RAYBORN? My database shows a
Robert WARMACK md Minnie CANTRELL and R. R. WARMACK who md Stella RAYBORN.

The name WARMACK in Benton County - probably other places as well - has
been found as WARNICK and WARNOCK as well - my grand-aunt Lucy Ann WARNICK (29
Dec 1869 Benton County- 25 Sep 1945 Dover, Pope Co, AR) md 25 Sep 1890 Benton
County to 1) my grand-uncle Robert Lee GEORGE (2 Jul 1870 Benton County - 10
Sep 1931 Bertrand, Mississippi Co, MO)and 2) 6 Aug 1896 Benton County to John
Harrison GREER (24 Dec 1844 Benton County- 13 Apr 1934 Plainview, Yell Co, AR).
Lucy Ann's parents were William WARNICK (ca 1829 NC - bet 1880/1890 AR) &
Mary Ann PRESSON (Mar 1829 TN - aft 1900 Benton Co, TN). I do have Lucy Ann's
family & a few other WARNICK/WARNOCK/WARMACK records if you are interested -
don't see any that directly connect to what you have in this message, though.
Will be happy to share what I have.

Jean Stringham

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Subject: John Hiram Warmack - a request for help!

I'm new to the list. My name is Rhonda Warmack Houston and my gggrandfather,
Robert Randall Warmack b. 1820 within Davidson County, TN, Goodlettsville is
my where I'm placing my $$, was the youngest of the Davidson County and
Benton County's Warmacks; William Seignor Warmack Sr.(VA) and Millicent
Martin Winchester(NC) Warmack's family. My gggrandfather's branch of the
family left TN in 1887, to go WEST for California, and this branch has since
remained within the states of California and Washington state ever since.

My hope is to find among others:
(1)the full marriage date of John Hiram Warmack and Martha Nancy King
b.1828 (NC) and
(2) the full death date for John Hiram Warmack who is buried within his
brother's, Richard Robert Warmack family very old cemetery, in the Old Sandy
Creek area. William Seignor Warmack Jr. and Richard Robert Warmack were his
older brothers, all the other seven brothers and their families lived and
were buried within Benton County, TN.

**John Hiram Warmack's marriage to Martha Nancy King b. 1828 (NC)was his
first/only marriage. This marriage to John was Martha's second. To my
knowledge (which is that I know Nothing) I have no knowledge if there were
children from this would I go about finding out? In the 1860
census John Hiram is found, but in the 1870 another brother has named his
son after the uncle John Hiram who has died sometime between 1865 and 1868
while living in Benton County, TN.

Something that I should tell you is that John Hiram Warmack was outspoken
about his feelings concerning the civil war that was going on at the time
that he died; oral history has it that he was silenced for voicing his
opinion about the South and the war that had just been fought. He is said to
have been murdered by some unnamed Confederates who lived within Benton
County. I was hoping to find his death certificate or something that would
give his death an official statement of death and it would be great if you
could give me a referral of someone who might know something of this
event/recommend to me any of the newspapers of that day that might have
mentioned his death so as to confirm this oral history.

I have just been through the TNBenton County archives which
made me decide to subscribe to this list! My early Warmack family members
who lived within both Davidson and Benton County, are those who I am trying
to find dates for and eventually get marriage, death, and birth

Rhonda Warmack Freshwater Houston
() - presently living 15 minutes north of Houston,

- --------------------------------------------------------------------------
Information which will assist I hope!

**Martha Nancy King
Born [day] [month] 1828 [location]
Died 28 Dec 1898

Martha's Father: Daniel Boon King
Martha's Mother: Elizabeth Taylor Leddington

1st Marriage to Sidney C. Jacks 3 Sept 1846 Platte, MO, USA

**2nd Married: John Hiram Warmack
Born [day] [month] 1823[city], Davidson, TN, USA (a guess would be
Died [day] [month] [year] -[day] [month] 1870, Big Sandy, Benton, TN, USA

John's Father: William Seignor Warmack Sr.
Born [day] [month] 1768, [city], [county], VA, USA Died 19 Dec 1832
Goodlettsville, [county], TN, USA

John's Mother: Millicent Martin Winchester Married 12 Oct 1801 [city],
Guilford, TN, USA Death (Unknown)

William Seignor Warmack Sr. and Millicent Martin Winchester's Children:
1. Mathew Warmack
2. Thomas Warmack
3. William Seignor Warmack
4. Richard Robert Warmack
5. Edward Warmack
6. Jesse Warmack
7. John Hiram Warmack **
8. Robert Randall Warmack (my branch who left your area)

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