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Subject: Re: Update on Tyner DNA Project
Date: 18 Nov 2004 12:33:09 -0700

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Hi Jean,

Thanks for your reply and willingness to join the Tyner/Tiner project. The best way to join is to go to the family tree website and follow the simple log in and sign up procedure. Another way is to email me and I will send you the sign up sheet. Remember that by being part of the project, you get a 50% discount over the non-project price.

The time span for obtaining results is a couple months. First you send in the sample rubbing from the inside of your cheek which is totally painless and bloodless (sort of like brushing your teeth and sending them the brush). Then they replicate the sample through their lab magic which takes several weeks. Once the analysis is accomplished, they send you the results plus links to websites where everyone who has tested can anonymously post their results and find others throughout the world who are directly related. Your results are posted in the Tyner Project webpage and you may log in anytime, view and analyze your results against all of ours. You may be as anonymous as you like and you will see the safeguards that are in place once you join. All of us will be able to see other project participants DNA markers but contact with other participants becomes each individuals own choice. As administrator, I act as a go between in case you wish to know more about a matching !
individual (which has always been mutual).

It is truly amazing for some folks and within our little Tyner Project a couple astounding results have been discovered (by Jerry and Ron).

Jean, as long as the male being tested is named Tiner or Tyner, the XY chromosome will fit that male into the study.

Thank you for participating. I think the ninety nine dollars plus shipping was worth it for me. Even though my cousin and I still have not found a link to get us farther than 1800 Ohio, we have found who we definitely are NOT related to and that is nearly as much help. EACH NEW PARTICIPANT HELPS EVERYONE WITHIN THE GROUP.

I won't post the full commercial website address in this forum but you may simply do a search from your search engine for "familytreeDNA" and the website will come up. Otherwise, e-mail me and I will forward the info you need to get on board and help me chase our ancestors in ways they never dreamed possible!

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