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Subject: Re: [THOMAS] Nehemiah Thomas of Bush River
Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 22:15:41 -0400
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So sorry....I keep just kind of adding the Thomas mail list to my list
of those receiving e-mails from me....not very polite of me to have not
explained more. I have a family in Newberry County, SC in the late
1700's. George and Sarah Thomas McKinsey are my 5-gr-grandparents. My
VERY NOT proved gut feeling is that Sarah connects to the Thomas family
who live near Hopewell MM in northern Va in the early to mid 1700's.
The only "for sure" clue I have on Sarah is that she has a brother/uncle
named Nehemiah Thomas who was married to Abigail Moore. Sarah Thomas
McKinsey died circa 1809. I believe that she is likely buried in the
Bush River Cemetery which adjoined the Bush River MM at that time.
George moved his entire family to Ohio after Sarah's death with the mass
migration of the Quakers out of the south and into Ohio and Indiana.

There was a Bush River Homecoming the weekend of the 17th for people
that feel as if their ancestors have a connection to the Bush River
Cemetery. It was a VERY nice weekend, and I came home a bit excited
about this line of mine. Marsha in WV


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>>I have added a photo of the grave of Nehemiah Thomas of Bush River to my
>>photos of the Bush River Homecoming 2008. This excellent photo was
>>taken for me by Nancy Magnuson. I believe that this Nehemiah was the
>>uncle or brother of my Sarah Thomas McKinsey, and is the man who left a
>>will naming several nieces and nephews. Nehemiah and his wife, Abigail
>>Moore Thomas were most likely childless since no children are named in
>>the will. Sarah's son, Nehemiah McKinsey is one of the legatees.
>>These photos should be available to download onto your own computer
>>....feel free to help yourself to anything that you would want. If you
>>have trouble give me a yell. marsha moses
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