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From: "Alma Robertson" <>
Subject: Re: [THOMAS] Thomas's from Ohio, Indiana, Missouri and California
Date: Fri, 30 May 2003 01:06:49 +0000


I don't have any information on your Thomases, but several other lines I
trace go through Connecticut and my lines intermarried with lines of the
surname Case. There were many, many descendants of this Case family. Most
of these lines were in or around Windsor, Connecticut in the late 1600s and
later. Undoubtedly some of them would be listed in Henry Stiles' book,
whose title I don't have handy but is often referred to as "Stiles'
Windsor." There were two volumes, published about 1904 I believe. You
would want the one concerning genealogies of Windsor families. Who knows,
you might find some clue. It sounds as if your Benajah Case Thomas may have
been named for a Benajah Case.


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