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Subject: [TENNESSEE] Re: TENNESSEE-D Digest V99 #235
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 22:41:56 EDT

RE: Census 2000
The commotion over the 2000 Census has hit a nerve. Every one is so
concerned about being "recognized" in their "heritage", I think everyone
should stop and think about this issue.

Some of my grandparents immigrated from Holland, Italy, and Germany. I
have traced others to Maryland in the 1600s. I have Cherokee in my lines.
Some of them were rich, and some of them were poor. Some were famous, most
were not. Much of the information I have found, has been directly related to
prior Census records. Imagine the dilemma it would create, for me,
researching hundreds of years later, had those forebears been on their
"soapbox" and not openly answered the Census takers.

An interesting assortment of information, and a starting point that contains
a wealth of "clues." Stop and think how many ancestors you have searched,
that the Census was the ONLY starting point. How far would you have gotten,
with answers like "Northern" or "Southern" or that their parents were born in
"Europe" instead of a specific country, or that when they immigrated was
nobody's business. Recall how frustrating it has been to finally find a
family listed in Census records, only to have every member of the household
listed with initials only!

As researchers, and genealogists, whether by hobby or profession, I think
everyone should think just what we will leave our descendants, if we all
choose to sway from the standard answers and vocalize our "opinions." If no
one else realizes the importance of the Census, at least we should. Enough
said. Take care.

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