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From: "joyce reece" <>
Subject: [TENNESSEE-L] research tip
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 1999 20:08:58 -0400

In my recent research efforts on the internet I have located 7 or 8 cousins
who are also researching. Sharing information with each of them has proven
to be our saving grace. We have been able to make wonderful strides in
obtaining what was thought to be un-obtainable information.

We still have a brick wall at 1800 ( the wall now has definate chinks in it)
BUT thru out small network we have discovered letters written by and about
our mutual grandfather during the Civil War. Where he died and where he is
buried is now known. We have had many questions answered. One cousin had
been searching for a step mother and the siblings for a long time and
another cousin we just made contact with had had the answers all along.
Cousin Sylvia was able to show her mother pictures of grandparents neither
had ever seen.

Some good advice would be to share, share share.....keep notes on everyone
you contact in your research. You won't be sorry.

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