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From: "James Taylor" <>
Subject: RE: [Moses-Taylor] My Line
Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2006 09:28:20 -0700
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I am James Whit Taylor III I have a son James Whit Taylor The IV And
Grandson James Whit Taylor V Other Info On my website www.taylorscastle.com

James Whit Taylor Jr. B:1/11/1927 D:7/8/1993
Helen Beatrice Foster B:7/17/1918 D: 9/12/1987
James Whit Taylor Sr. B:12/2/1894 D:5/24/1966
Katherine L. West B:12/29/1899 D:03/04/1996
Robert F. Taylor B:1863 D:?
Lula Hurd B:? D:?
James Booker Taylor B:1816 D:?
Elizabeth Waddle B:1816 D:?
William Taylor B:1796 D:1850
Amelia R Ramsey B:1796 D:1852
James Prevatte Taylor B:03/30/1769 D: ?
Chleo Marshall B:1772 D:1849
Moses Taylor Sr. B:1729 D:03/23/1819
Elizabeth Prevatte B:1739 D:?

James Whit Taylor III
Eureka Gems
(559) 250-4092

>From: "Billy R. Evans" <>
>Subject: [Moses-Taylor] My Line
>Date: Sat, 17 Jun 2006 11:20:37 -0500
>Billy Ray Evans and Doylene Evans
>Robert William Evans and Lou Jones
>Robert Henry Evans and Willie Mae Luker
>Joseph Nathaniel Evans and Willie Alma Clark
>Henry S. Evans and (2) Julia (Daugherty) Griffin
>Peter Patrick Daugherty and Mary (Patience) LNU
>Rev. Robert T. Daugherty and Sarah (Sally) Taylor
>Moses Taylor and Elizabeth Prevatte
>I'll be happy to share with anyone. I have just discovered this line and
>would love to have any research that is available. Thanks in advance.
>Doylene Evans
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