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From: D H <>
Subject: [S-I] Derry Corporation Minute Books (1673-1901) on PRONI..FYI
Date: Tue, 24 Apr 2012 10:30:46 +0100


This is the earliest volume of Derry Corporation minutes which covers the period from 3rd February 1673 to 30th July 1686.
Note that the old style Julian Calendar - which uses the 25th March as the first day of each year - is used in the minute books up until the first day
of 1752, when the new style Gregorian Calendar, which commences on the 1st January, was adopted by the British Empire.
Few seventeenth century records relating to Derry have survived. The first minute book in this collection records the development of the city
following the Ulster Plantation and the sieges of 1649 and 1689. References reveal the concerns of the Corporation for the safe keeping of the City.
The first meeting recorded in the volume details an order which was made for the payment of 20 shillings, quarterly, to Edward Cooper for keeping the
locks and keys of the City Gates in order.

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