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Subject: Re: [S-I] 17th century Ulster records for Individuals on, Montgomery,Hamilton,
Date: Sun, 12 Feb 2012 02:17:35 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Ann, thanks, that's the index whose name I forgot -- the published index for the old GRO manuscripts in Dublin.

You can go to and create an account and tell it where you live. THen it will search for this book (or any other) and tell you where the closest copies are.

The whole collection of microfilm is not only in Salt Lake but also in the FHL in Los Angeles, btw. Where the weather is probably better than either here or Salt Lake today.

Unfortunately these manuscripts are largely Anglo Irish and some Irish (significant families). Not much in them on Ulster farm families. But you never know so it can be worth a look.

Linda Merle

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Well the Pedigree doesn't seem to exist so I need to look at as many
Pedigrees as possible just to get crumbs....

Dave, you and Linda probably both know about this, but for everybody, a
useful resource is
Virginia Wade McAnlis’ The Consolidated Index to the Records of the
Genealogical Office, Dublin, Ireland (4 vols. Issaquah and Port Angeles, WA: by
author, 1994-1997) indexes surnames found in GO material and gives
corresponding FHL microfilm numbers.
or simply go to and type in the Search box: "McAnlis" and items
will come up. You download the pdf of whichever of the 4 volumes you
Be sure to read the pages at the beginning of at least one volume (they
are repeated at the front of each volume). They explain the records and how
to look up the references to the records and find the number of the film on
which the record appears. I found it useful to print off those two
cross-reference pages. (On my copy I also highlighted the numbers to the films
that currently reside at my local FHC.)
Ordinary people are less likely to appear in these Wills, probates and
family pedigrees, but it is worth a look. It could be a multi-generational
bonanza. Many References refer to the Betham Wills and Pedigrees which are
among the major groups in this collection.
As an Example I looked up one of your names and found this

MS 223-54 Betham Will Abstracts 5/40, 10/185, 12/312, 17/213 - Lodge 5/21

This means that you want Betham Will Abstracts: Vol. 4/page 40, Vol 10
page 185 etc. and SLC means The Family History Library film number (in Salt
Lake City)

The Reference page says:
MS 223-54 Betham Will Abstracts
Vol. 1-4 MSS 223-226 SLC100103
Vol. 5-8 MSS 227-230 SLC100104
Vol. 9-11 MSS 231-233 SLC100105
Vol. 12-14 MSS 234-236 SLC100106
Vol. 15-16 MSS 237-238 SLC100107 etc etc.

Lodge 5/21 refers to a ten-volume collection called "Lodge" in Bethams's
Index to Alliances in Prerogative Wills. What you will find in the records
themselves is an abstract by Mr,Betham of the original will giving names
and relationships of those mentioned in the will, which he used to formulate
the sketch pedigrees found in other notebooks mentioned below. See film
number SLC #100113 for the index, and MS 223 through 256 for the abstracts.
So if I am reading this right, you want Vol. 5 which is here:
Vol. 5-8 MSS 227-230 SLC100104

This is a massive effort by Virginia McAnlis. Take a look.

Ann Lamb

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