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Subject: Re: [S-I] 17th century Ulster records for Individuals on Montgomery,Hamilton, McDonald plantations
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 23:01:25 +0000
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The only records from the early plantations are referring to the undertakers and how many acres they got. Actual rent books of tenants don't exist before the early 1700s and even then they were sparse. I was only able to put two and two together because the land my ancestors were on during the hearth rolls (Tyrone: desertcreat, tullyniskan, killyman) was under Lord Ochiltree of Ayr (Andrew Stewart) who recruited planters from dumfries and galloway where my ancestors were from.

The earliest records I actually found some of the siblings in was Clogher, Tyrone in 1626 (Under English landlords) and Bellaghy, Londonderry (also English). It just goes to show more about what Leyburn said in his book "The Scotch-Irish: A Social History", there were just not enough Englishmen for the amount of land they had to plant and they looked for tenants anywhere, especially native Irish who would always pay the highest rent. Leases were anywhere from 21 years to life and there was a lot of moving around once established in Ulster.

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Subject: [S-I] 17th century Ulster records for Individuals on Montgomery,
Hamilton, McDonald plantations

If only anything was simplistic!

While there is plenty written on the various plantations what I'm stuck on is getting details of who got what, why and when!

I'm looking at Sir Hugh Montgomery, Sir James Hamilton, Sir Randal MacDonnell/McDonald plantations in Antrim, and while I can do my own research I'm
just wondering if anyone can point me at recommended reading which shows records of the individuals and the land each one got please?

Thank you.

I recently purchased Bardon's book on the Ulster Plantation. (google bookers: it was just published so the text ain't in google books). I have not
read very far in this fascinating book; however in the front there are a number of maps. The one has made me realize we, or I at least, have an over
simplistic mental map of the ethnic mapping of the plantation of Ulster .

This is the map on page XVI, The plantation of Ulster 1609-13. It does not include Antrim and Down as they were already colonized by largely Scots
(Sir Hugh Montgomery, Sir James Hamilton, Sir Randal MacDonnell/McDonald

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