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Subject: Re: [S-I] 17th century Ulster records for Individuals on Montgomery,Hamilton, McDonald plantations
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 2012 23:00:26 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Dave, probably the easiest entry is our old favorite: Hanna "The Scotch Irish" (free at various places including Ancestry, as 'Scots-Irish'). It details the plantation and the first 30 years .

There's the Hamilton and Montgomery website, previously posted, that has a bibliography.

There's Hills' "the McDonnells of Antrim" that is probably still free in google books. The major leases for this estate are in our archives. I think published in Familia. Search montgomery papers Hill in google books to find the Rev. Hill's Plantation Papers and Montgomery Manuscripts.

The PRONI website has detailed histories of these estates and lists deposits of estate records. The FHL may have some records on microfilm. You'd visit, select the catelog, and search. What to search is a lot of things: all Ireland (land records), etc, etc. Estate research is ultimately the 'heart' of Irish genealogy. It's hard to do! Usually we're looking for a specific townland. In the case of one in southern Tyrone, it took me quite a long time to figure out that it was part of the arch diocese church estate. However it was leased for a hundred years to a Stewart. I found the estate records in the FHL on microfilm.

The other thing that helps is gazetteers that can give a brief picture of the parish and who the majore landlords were. Most of the time you start with Griffiths, which will id the lessee.

However since many parts of these estates were sold off or merged into other estates due to dynastic marriages, you need to get the history from the PRONI website for the specific areas you're interested in.

I need to finish researching Aghoghill in Antrim. I found my BLACK ancestors were there in the 1700s. However it was split between two estates. When I learned that I felt an overwhelming urge to go find a bottle of wine.

I believe there are the Montgomery Papers on the Montgomery estate. I've not done estate research in Co Down but if I were, I'd go to PRONI's website. You also want to find an index to published articles, like PERSI, because many times major leases, at least, are published in periodicals.

The British Isles Family History Society USA has a guide on line that is very very good:

See here for Finding Aids:

Smith's Inventories is very useful as is Hayes. In a class on this topic, we were also instructed to use NIDS:

Here we're talking probably a visit to a major university library.

PRONI'll give you the major history, though.

Linda Merle
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Subject: [S-I] 17th century Ulster records for Individuals on Montgomery, Hamilton, McDonald plantations

If only anything was simplistic!

While there is plenty written on the various plantations what I'm stuck on is getting details of who got what, why and when!

I'm looking at Sir Hugh Montgomery, Sir James Hamilton, Sir Randal MacDonnell/McDonald plantations in Antrim, and while I can do my own research I'm
just wondering if anyone can point me at recommended reading which shows records of the individuals and the land each one got please?

Thank you.

I recently purchased Bardon's book on the Ulster Plantation. (google bookers: it was just published so the text ain't in google books). I have not
read very far in this fascinating book; however in the front there are a number of maps. The one has made me realize we, or I at least, have an over
simplistic mental map of the ethnic mapping of the plantation of Ulster .

This is the map on page XVI, The plantation of Ulster 1609-13. It does not include Antrim and Down as they were already colonized by largely Scots
(Sir Hugh Montgomery, Sir James Hamilton, Sir Randal MacDonnell/McDonald

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