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Subject: Re: [S-I] Native Irish McLains?
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 21:15:30 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Dave, thanks so much for this story. We believe every one follows the rules. Yet, as Agnew's book "Merchants of Belfast" makes clear, there was a lot of illegal trading going on with people all over Europe.

I forgot to mention the Templar castles up and down the west coast of Ireland. We know almost nothing about them or the men who lived there.

Black was apparently the Euro-costume for old ladies. The old Greek ladies, the old Italian ladies, old ladies everywhere it seems.

Now it's .... sweats??

Linda Merle

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Subject: Re: [S-I] Native Irish McLains?

Well this reminds me of someone I met just over 30 years ago!

Many people visualize Irish women dressed in black and wearing a black shawl which many did, although this has pretty much died out.

One day I was just walking in a fishing village just north of Dublin when I noticed an elderly woman dressed in this 'costume' who was calling me over
to her gateway. I went over and asked was she OK? to which she asked if I could spare a few minutes to read a letter from her brother in America to
her as she couldn't read.

I went into the house to read the letter to her, we got talking and she told me she was originally from a fishing village in Mayo and over the 2 hours
I was in her house she told me about all the various nationalities that used to frequent the western coast from France right down to Morocco and
further south plus Mediterranean countries ..With tales of smuggling, fishing, marriages etc the time just flew by... even today this Mayo fishing
village is quite remote yet it was an 'international hub' by all accounts and certainly was not a backwater!

Oh if only I had written down half of what she told me!! This elderly lady was in her 90's at the time........

Subject: Re: [S-I] Native Irish McLains?

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Amen!! All kinds of people lived in Ireland. Belfast was home of a small Welsh colony in the late 1500s. During the 1600s many Dutch and other
continentals came to Belfast as merchants. It must be recalled that before the union of the crowns Scotland traded independently of England. It had a
wide network of traders in Russia, throughout northern Europe, and among England's traditional enemies (France, Spain, Italy). Ireland also traded
independently. Ports like Sligo were very busy with continental connections before finally the English put an end to that and destroyed the old trade
routes. Once the western coast of Ireland was not a backwater. It was prosperous in the Middle Ages. It had towns full of lusty soldiers and merchants
-- securing business through dynastic marriages to families in Spain, etc.

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