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From: Christopher Beal <>
Subject: [S-I] Native Irish McLains?
Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 00:31:10 -0500

With a lot of luck and joint research with some DNA matches, I've been
able to trace my McLain line back to Ulster pre-1700. For a long time I
thought they were planters from Scotland but after exchanging emails with
Linda Merle, it seems they could have been native Irish. I did a little
more research and I'll add my findings. I was lucky enough to find the
family of brothers in 1660s parish records at St. Columb's in Londonderry
baptizing their children, these same men also appear on Tyrone's hearth
rolls in 1663 around Dungannnon (John McOlane, Andrew McClean, John
Mickline, Neall McLeane, and Patrick McGlaine). Londonderry's records
seems to add 2 more brothers/cousins: Archibald and William.

Comparing the hearth rolls with the 1740 householders index, these exact
names repeat very much in Loughinsholin and the descendants of these
McLains seem to populate Magherafelt, Tamlaght O'Crilly, Kilrea,
Desertmartin, Kilcronaghan, Maghera, and Kellelagh through that period of
time. The only records I found earlier than these are the following:

1630 muster roll: John McClane, on Henry Conway's estate in Loughinsholin,
Summonisters roll: "Gilbert McCleene of Clogher" mentioned in Tyrone's
rolls in 1626.

Would I be correct in assuming that John McClane is an Irish tenant on
the Londonderry plantation? Through all the turmoil of the 1600s, it seems
this family stays in Loughinsholin. I've read that Shane O'Neill's
gallowglass in 1560 were the Macleans of Duart who ventured to Ulster when
Shane married the cheiftain's daughter. They opposed Hugh O'Neil the Earl
of Tyrone as they were kinsmen to the MacShanes (Shane O'Neill's sons) and
had become powerful and influential people in Tir Eoghain, and eventually
known as "McEllanes". The "census of the fews", a 1602 pardon list from
Armagh gives the names of 2 kerns under Henry O'Neill: Owen Og McElane and
Allen McElane.

It looks like evidence mounts for them to be considered native Irish but
then I come across things that throw me off like this Scottish baptismal:
*"Andro McKlein, father: Gilbert McKlein, Mar. 19, 1606, Dumfries"*
obviously two names that fit the above family and I'm not sure whether to
take it as coincidence or not.

Any input would be greatly appreciated, Thank you!

Chris Beal

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