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Subject: Re: [S-I] The Montgomerys of 1718
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 10:49:03 -0600
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Thanks to all, and Happy New Year!

The website about Hamilton and Montgomery of 1606 is enlightening and most
informative. I have referred to and quoted from it often.

I have seen Mullin's Muster Roll of ca 1630, the Hearth Money Roll ca 1663
and Pyke's Survey of 1725 and have found the names mentioned but have found
those possibilities to be "end of the road", until perhaps finding
"directions signs" here.

Alsop's of 1765 would be about 120 years after William b 1675's grandfather
John's ca 1645 birth. John would have remained in Ireland in 1718 being
about the age of 65 when he saw his son and grandson's leave for America.
But John's "remaining behind" is an assumption. Until recently, I believed
John's son Robert b ca 1660 to have remained behind, too, which was found to
be wrong.

Another assumption is that John's line in Ireland ended with his sons and
families and descendants leaving for America. But then, perhaps not all his
children emigrated, and another son named John stayed behind and is the John
mentioned in Pyke's Survey(??).

So many possibilities in this "forest" of Montgomerys.

The line goes as such, as has been "built", to date:
John b ca 1645, m Isabella Shaw (perhaps finding the Shaws may help?)
Robert b ca 1660, m Mary McCullom (perhaps finding the McCulloms may help?)
William b ca 1675, m 1695 Mary Aiken (perhaps finding the Aikens may help?)
James b Ireland 1702, m 1732 Mary Henry in Massachusetts

Land records for Garvagh and Aghadowey?

Church (Presbyterian) records in either town area? (William was one of 14
founders of Christ Church, the Presbyterian Church of Hopkinton,
Massachusetts, in the year 1724.)

William J.

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Subject: Re: [S-I] The Montgomerys of 1718

> The Rev Hugh Mullin's book on Aghadowey a parish and its linen
> industry gives the Muster Roll on Ironmongers estate ca 1630 (ie
> including some townlands of Aghadowey). There is a Robert Mungomery
> The Hearth Money Roll indexed in same book has Alexander Montgomery
> in "Bellbrillen" presumably Ballybrittan ca 1663
> Pyke's 1725 survey of tenants has John Montgomery in Bwalla O'Cahane.
> Not all townlands are extant in this survey, and it's after your
> Montgomerys left anyhow
> 1765 Alsop's survey Ballicaan John McGomery
> No Montgomerys in Balybrittan or Ballycahan in 1833 Tithe Applotment
> Survey
> Linde L
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