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From: D H <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Surname Spellingssss in Deeds/Wills by Clerks
Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2011 10:30:08 +0000
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Well it is the same in other countries..if not worse.

even changing names of places! /I found some of mine in Lancaster/ County, later York County, and is now Adams County, /Pennsylvania/ so how do I look
for them?? These people never moved yet lived in 3 different places. Others lived in one state, the state lines were redrawn and my kin ended up in
another state without moving, so now I've to find them all again in another state..grrrrrr

Another was in Rhodesia but it changed its name too, so it is not just an Irish thing.

In fact the Irish variations are just spelling variations....I wish it was just that for US stuff!!


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> Re: [S-I] Surname Spellingssss in Deeds/Wills by Clerks
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> How about variations in place names?
> For some while now I've been collecting spelling alternatives for Killymallaght, a townland in co. Londonderry.
> > From official sources only, my "score" is now ....
> 53 not out!
> Oh how we love the Irish in their (our) glorious confusion.
> Can't wait to meet up again with some old schoolmasters who were somewhat tolerant of my "natural and cultural heritage" that allowed "creative spelling".
> Sincerely
> Dave Mitchell
> Cape Town
> South Africa

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