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From: Cindy <>
Subject: [S-I] Surname Spellingssss in Deeds/Wills by Clerks
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 15:01:58 -0600
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Hi Cindy, bolding and italicizing doesn't work on Rootsweb lists that accept only straight text,, can you extract the parts you want us to note?

Yes, Linda. I am extracting a portion of one of your discussions on why there were variations of surname spellings all in one deed or will:

Linda said: <snip> In some cases you can find a man's surname spelled
multiple ways in a deed or

will (I've seen both). He didn't write the deed or will. The clerk did.<snip>

Cindy says:
From a DAR genealogy seminar in Whitney, TX:
Why there can be several spellings of the same name in the same deed...

Speaker Marcy ?? of Dallas area said that often the reason we find a
variation of spellings on the same surname in a deed, will, etc. is that
a courthouse clerk was transcribing and filing the document for the
court. The clerk wanted to ensure that the document's surnames could be
located thru a variety of spellings.

> I have a deed that illustrates well the variety of spellings of 2 surnames situation. It includes my long-time dead end 1743 McIntire of Falmouth/Portland, Maine. We, me and several other 4th& 5th McIntire/McIntyre cousins, have worked separately& together for 30+ yrs. Two of us are originally from Maine, one from Dallas, TX , one from state of Washington, one from Australiahave reached a dead end on our Henry McIntire/McIntyre. No connections yet to the many Scot McIntires of Maine& Massachusetts who have been illuminated in at least 3 McIntire, etc. books. I digress. The deed is below as a sample of the various spelllings of the 2 primary parties, McIntire/Blackstone in a 1743 deed that I transcribed as best I could.
> Bk 2/P 478-9
> Henry Mcintire of Falmouth Hannah Coy, John Coy's daughter of County
> Essex Massachusetts.
> P. 479: by Benjamin Blackstone of the Town of Fa/mouth in the County of
> York Yeoman and Henry Mackentire of the Same Town Husbandman The Receipt whereof we do
> hereby acknowledge and our selves therewith fully consented satisfied and paid
> have therefore given granted bargained sold aliened ensconced conveyed and past over and do
> by these presents fully freely clearly and absolutely give grant bargain sell aliene ensconce
> convey and pass over unto them the P.? Benjamin Blackstone and Henry McEntire their heirs and
> assigns forever
> Sixty acres of Land lying in the Town of Falmouth aforesd at a Place
> called New Casco which Sixty Acres of Land is bounded as followeth beginning of the northerly corner
> of a lot of land laid out to Warren Drinkwater from<SNIP> thence running to the land of Drinkwater and so by the land of
> Drinkwater to ye bounds first mentioned only allowing a convenient highway throught the same together
> with all the priviledges and appurtenances to the same now being or ever may be from thence
> arising ---- To Have and to hold all and singular the above granted premises free and clear from us
> the P.? Hannah Coy and Mary Gilbert our heirs Executors and Administrators unto them the said
> Blackstone and Mackentire their heirs Executors Administrators and assigns hereby
> giving unto them quiet and peaceable possession of all and Singular the above granted premises the
> which they their heirs and assigns shall and may from time to time and at all times forever
> hereafter have hold use occupy possess and enjoy to their entire use benefit and behoof forever and
> furthermore we the P.? Hannah Coy and Mary Gilbert for our selves our heirs Executors& Administrators
> do promise grant and covenant to and with the P.? Blackstone and McEntire their heirs and
> assigns in manner and form following that is to say untill the ensealing and
> delivery of these presents we are the true and lawful owners of the above granted land and have in
> ourselves good right full power and authority to make conveyance as is above expressed and furthermore that
> we will from time to time and at all times forever hereafter warrant and defend the P.? Blackstone
> and Mackentire their heirs and assigns in the quiet and peaceable possession of the same against
> all and every person laying any lawful claim unto the same or any part thereof and in witness and
> confirmation hereof we thoud Hannah Coy& Mary Gilbert have set to our hands& seals the 3d day of
> September in the 17th year of his majesty's reign anno domini 1743 ---
> Signed Sealed& Delivered in presence of
> Ezra? Sargent Junr Ignatius Sargent
> Hannah Coy
> Mary Gilbert
> Essex Co Glocester September 8th 1743
> 1743??
> Recorded 2th Feb 1764
Cindy (McIntire) Johnson

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