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From: "john.hume" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] DNA Made Simple
Date: Tue, 13 Dec 2011 10:05:35 -0000
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Many thanks Bill for your information.
This is one of the sticking points about surnames. As a HUME, I become very
'cross' when people insist in putting an 'L' in the middle. Why HULME, as
far as I am concerned there is absolutely no connection. HULME is part of
Lancashire, Manchester etc, whereas HUME is Scottish, and of course spelt
HOME as well. Again in Scotland if you mention HUME or HOME they know
exactly how to spell it HUME.

As with my cousin, TWEEDDALE is a family name and has never been spelt as
TWEEDALE, it's double U, double E and double T, any other variation is not
allowed. Although I do accept the spelling mistake in the 1881 census, it
may have been down to enumerator's interpretation. This is the only example
I can find of this error. However, has he has only two daughters, his branch
of this very small family group will now cease.

Now I know it sounds silly for me to not except any of the variations of my
name, but when ever I am asked my name, I ALWAYS end it by spelling H.U.M.E.
out to the person. My father did the same. So is it a family trait that
unknowingly we have carried on?. When I started 25 years ago, I was able to
research my direct family, using just the IGI, straight back to 1720, this
took about three hours in total. I am then amazed at the difficultly that
'famous/infamous' people seem to have problems even going back to the mid
19th century. Maybe it was all due to the fact that my ancestors could read
and write, thereby ensuring the surname was spelt correctly, obviously I
don't know.

Regarding the message about DNA in Ireland. I was in Belfast and Londonderry
from 1965 -67. I was serving in the Royal Navy and had some splendid 'runs
ashore' in both places, even got invited by a total stranger to a 21st
birthday bash in Carrickfergus, frightens the life out of me now just to
think about what may have happened. If I had known more about my Irish
connections at that time I may have spent more of my time there more
fruitfully. Now I'm thinking of going over next year, but obviously now
having to pay for the privilege. It is a great shame that religion still
plays a bit part over there. To me, it doesn't matter which religion you
are, it is how you behave. I have some excellent friends who are Muslims, I
treat them as they are my own brothers. By knowing them I understand their
own divides in their religion, if you think Ireland has it's problems, try
understanding the Muslims.

As to having your DNA taken, I had mine done for one simple reason, I wish
to know if there are any other members of my own particular branch of the
HUMES out there. Paperwork becomes scarce before 1700, thereby, spending a
£100 on such an easy test, is very good value compared to spending money on
researching something which probably isn't even there. Also, once you
receive your DNA markers, you are updated everytime a connection is made
with your own DNA at all 4 points of markers.

Well,I must be off, playing Santa again today. Only managed to upset five
children yesterday, must do better today.

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Subject: Re: [S-I] DNA Made Simple

> On 12/12/2011 1:27 PM, john.hume wrote:
> Hi John,
> you maybe interested to know that there are Tweedales living in the
> Province of New Brunswick Canada, One of whom I knew some years ago was
> a Judge at Burton New Brunswick
> Cheers
> Bill
> On.Can.
>> Thank you Sara, glad I made someone smile today.
>> I understand what you are saying about the Irish accent it really is
>> difficult to understand. But for a real challenge you want to read the
>> Yorkshire Bible. Now that is an education. But on a serious note, accents
>> must have played a part in peoples names being entered on census sheets
>> incorrectly. One of my cousins,has the surname TWEEDDALE, couldn't
>> understand why he couldn't find his grandfather in the 1881 census. It
>> was
>> entered as TWIDALE, understandable of course
>> John
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>> Sent: Monday, December 12, 2011 5:54 PM
>> Subject: Re: [S-I] DNA Made Simple
>>> John,
>>> I had to laugh at your difficulty understanding Americans in films. My
>>> husband and I long ago resorted to using closed captions on British
>>> programs on US TV. My worst experience with communicating with people
>>> speaking a common language (English) was on a trip to Ireland and
>>> Northern Ireland with my hard-of-hearing brother. Since this was my
>>> third visit I was fairly proficient in understanding what was being
>>> said to me but I couldn't honestly say I understood every word but I'd
>>> usually understand the intent of what was being said. My brother, even
>>> when he could hear what was said, couldn't decipher the accent. So
>>> he'd turn to me and say, "WHAT DID THEY SAY?", and expect me to repeat
>>> it verbatim which, of course, I often couldn't do. Talk about
>>> embarrassing!
>>> Sara
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>>>> Hi Linda,
>>>> Sorry I didn't send my condolences over your father's death, I must
>>>> have
>>>> missed that message. I lost my own father 3 years this Christmas
>>>> Eve, he was
>>>> 92 and as he served 12 years in the army and was in the Burmese jungle
>>>> fighting the Japanese, I suppose we are lucky to have had him that
>>>> long.
>>>> As for cats, what can I say, our six month old moggie, jumped off
>>>> the hedge,
>>>> cracked her jaw straight in halve as she landed on a brick edge.
>>>> Result over
>>>> ?1,000 in vets fees. She was too young and too nice to be put down,
>>>> now I've
>>>> taken out pet insurance.
>>>> Going back to WDYTYA, our programme is 1 hour long, and as on the
>>>> BBC there
>>>> are no commercial adverts. The USA ones are shown on the BBC
>>>> channels and no
>>>> adverts either but still only 30 minutes long, so I don't think the
>>>> people
>>>> over there are getting their money's worth. Do you have the voice of
>>>> Mark
>>>> Strong as the narrator. ?. Last week's 'celebrity' was an American
>>>> comedienne, her family had originated from County Kildare in
>>>> Ireland, a
>>>> great shame they only spent about 5 minutes in that country before
>>>> she and
>>>> her brother retired to the pub. I certainly agree with the words OMG
>>>> and
>>>> WOW, my problem of late is trying to decipher what some Americans are
>>>> actually saying.Films in particular are becoming very difficult to
>>>> understand, and there was silly me thinking that we all spoke English.
>>>> I've had some interesting e-mails from over your way regarding the
>>>> family
>>>> of Conway and Hume in and around the 1650's. So it's always nice to
>>>> keep
>>>> plodding away, hoping eventually something comes up.
>>>> 2013 is a big year, 500 years since the Battle of Flodden, quite an
>>>> event
>>>> for the HUME family. I hope that you or someone, has this event in
>>>> mind
>>>> ready to publish details when they become available
>>>> Thanks for your time
>>>> regards
>>>> John Hume
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