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Subject: Re: [S-I] Tithe Applotment Books..
Date: Sun, 20 Nov 2011 01:27:06 +0000
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It is not that simple! Just take, for example, the townland of Feegavla, as per map. 256 acres, they could easily derive from a family in next townland!

My cousin lives in one townland, opposite his window are 2 fields across narrow road as part of his farm, one field in another townland but in same
parish, the other field in yet another townland but this one in a different if his sons build 2 houses adjoining each other, with dividing
wall on townland boundary, they would be neighbours but in 2 different townlands and parishes!!

So, if I stand in centre of road outside his front door I can stand in 3 townlands and 2 parishes. Quite a common thing!! The 2 houses would be within
10 yards the homestead...

You need to, at a MINIMUM, check the surrounding townlands.....!! With Eliot/Eliott/Elliott in mind!! Bell spelling is probably safe enough BUT while
researching Halls I did come across Hawls....grrrrrr

Looking at the local churches and when their records start, they are too late, except for Carrickmacross itself in late 1700's....PRONI ref; Mic/1/173/A-E


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> D H
> Good site that I will bookmark. It does tell me that the Bells were gone from Feegavla by Griffiths. No surprise as my ancestor emigrated in 1840.
> Also thanks for providing all the different spellings of Figevly& Feegavla. Useful info.
> thanks, murray

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