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From: "John Carey" <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Tithe Applotment Books
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 08:17:50 -0500
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I checked out Donaghmoyne parish in the Index to the Ordnance Survey Memoirs
of Ireland. These Memoirs were the reports written on each parish during
the Ordnance Survey in the 18030s. They were written to accompany the 6 "
maps but were not published at the time. The Memoirs have been collected
and comprise 40 volumes. The index points to the volume in which a parish
is to be found. Sometimes individuals like teachers and ministers are
mentioned in a parish memoir along with local gentry. The memoirs are
inconsistent since they were written by different people but a memoir on a
parish usually gives a list of individual townlands at that time, a
description of their size, etc. A Memoir usually list all the churches and
meeting houses in each parish, including when there were groups that were
meeting in someone's house. In a recent lookup, I found a townland spelt 4
different ways in the same Memoir so two spellings for Feegavla is not very

The index does not mention any Elliotts in Donaghmoyne. However, you will
find the description of Donaghmoyne in Memoirs volume 40. From the
references in the index, it appears that the Donaghmoyne memoir probably
spans at least 30 pages. I own a couple of Memoirs volumes but not that one
so I cannot look up the actual description. I was able to purchase my
volumes online some years ago and I assume that you can still do that.
Unfortunately, I don't remember now who I purchased them from but it should
be simple enough to Google Memoirs of Ireland and track them down and order
volume 40.



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Subject: [S-I] Tithe Applotment Books

After many years of searching for my ancestors in the wrong counties, I have
recently had reason to zero in on County Monaghan regarding my GG
grandparents-Jeremiah Bell And Frances Elliott. I recently discovered that
Frances Elliott was born in County Monaghan. I then did a search of the
Tithe applotment books for Monaghan and found a Jaramiah Bell in 1824 living
in Figevly townland, Donaghmoyne parish. In trying to figure out where to go
from here, I have the following questions which I am hoping someone can help
me with.

1. Figevly townland cannot be found in subsequent records. In Griffiths
there is a Feegavla townland in Donaghmoyne. How do I verify that
2. Does a townland map exist for Donaghmoyne Parish & where can I get a
3. What protestant. church records exist for Donaghmoyne Parish for the
period 1800-1840. The family was Methodist but I realize Methodist's often
utilized the Church Of ireland.

Any advice much appreciated.

tanks, murray Bell

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