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From: D H <>
Subject: [S-I] Re; Tithe Applotment Books Figevly=Feegavla?
Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 12:26:54 +0000

Figevly townland cannot be found in subsequent records. In Griffiths there is a Feegavla townland in Donaghmoyne. How do I verify that Figevly=Feegavla?

Well it has been called various names on official documents over the centuries so depends on what century for a start.

1660, ffygallwy> 1712-1719 ffewgally> 1761 Fegavly> 1800 Fegivleys> 1809 Fewgalleys> 1812 Figelva> 1823 Figelvy> 1835 Figeavlas

Present dayFeegavla..soFigevly=Feegavla!

St. Patrick's Church would be a local church but that doesn't mean they attended there! Some of mine lived near their local church but traveled miles
into Monaghan town in 1820's to attend church, christenings/marriages/funeral services etc but are buried in their local church.

One of mine was a Methodist Minister and was on various circuits, his kids are in C of I records. So as to what church yours attended I wouldn't try
to guess but local church would only be starting place.

Others of mine were baptised, married, kids baptised in same C of I church but some of these are buried in Pres. G/yard a few miles away, so the rule
is 'there are no rules!' wasn't a requirement to attend local church!

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