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Subject: Re: [S-I] "Defenders of the Plantation of Ulster 1641-1691"
Date: Sat, 5 Nov 2011 13:34:10 -0400
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Thanks for the offer, Linda.

I would appreciate you looking for any Hoods that are mentioned.

John Carey

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Subject: [S-I] "Defenders of the Plantation of Ulster 1641-1691"

Hi folks,

I have sprung for this book, compiled by Brian Mitchell. It contains two
lists of names (with some details) from two sources. These are the muster
roll of Garrison in the City of Londonderry from 1642-43. This resides in
PRONI as T808/15176, from the National Archives in London, State Papers,
Domestic, Commonwealth Exchequer Papers, bundles 120 and 121). The second is
from "The Fighters of Derry Their Deeds and Descendants..." by William
Young, published in 1932. It covers the period 1688-1691. It also names
those of the Enniskillen campaign as well as the harrying of Jacobite forces
in Connaught and Ulster by locally raised regiments out of Enniskillen,
Battle of the Boyne, Battle of Aughrim, and the final Irish surrender 23
Sept. 1691. It includes the list of 921 people declared traitors by James'
II's parliament in Dublin in 1689.

I am willing to do very quick lookups over the next few weeks but only a few
a day. I am also only willing to look up a name ONCE. So if your name has
been done and I remember, you'll need to check the archives. Thus you'll
learn how to do this and I'll feel less like I'm in some kind of endless
lookup hell <grin>. When this happens I get grouchy and quit.

Anyone else with a decent resource who feels inclined to make a look up
offer -- we love this. The archives are full of the results. If you haven't
checked the archives for lookups of your surname, wow, are you messing up
<grin>. By 'decent' I mean please don't share your coffee table books or the
stuff that sometimes get published for what reason I donno...I think to
recruit cannon fodder for the armies (chest swelling, sources stuff about
brave Scotch Irish soldiers, settlers, etc.). Primarily we want stuff
that'll help us find our ancestors. Not books that are dead ends.

I'll also post some info in the front of the book on the time period.

Many of those mentioned left for America within a generation. You can
generally tell if your ancestor was a defender of Derry because he was
excluded from paying taxes for his life. You will find farms in New England
that are excluded from paying taxes. I believe this ended with the
Revolution. Anyone know?

PS: if you are reading this later than December 2011, I have probably
refiled the book on my self, where it is lost. So check the archives.

Linda Merle

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