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Subject: Re: [S-I] GGG grandparents Thompson / Mc Cullock location in Ireland
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2011 17:53:09 -0400
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For a traditional research stradegy, I would search for existing records in Ireland covering the period from 1747 to 1801. One of the few sources for the 18th century is the 1796 Spinning Wheel Survey. This can be used as a census substitute, providing locations for the family names being researched. Many farmers earned spinning wheels and reels by planting flax seed which was used for the linen trade.

The following Henry Thompsons are listed as follows:

Henry Thompson, County Donegal, Parish of Killygarvin (Killygarvan), 1 wheel
Henry Thompson, County Donegal, Parish of All-Saints, 2 wheels
Henry Thompson, County Down, Parish of Donagmore, 1 wheel
Henry Thompson, County of Fermanagh, Parish of Enniskillen, 1 wheel
Henry Thompson, County of Londonderry, Parish of Cumber, 4 wheels

A McCullock survey shows the following:

John McCullock (McCullough), County Donegal, Parish of Donaghmore, 3 wheels
Thomas McCullock (McCullough), County Donegal, Parish of Drumhome, 1 wheel

You can broaden your search for known church records with the locations you are researching, and try to determine what motivated their emigration. The best reference I have found for locating churches is Brian Mitchell's "A New Genealogical Atlas of Ireland", which maps the locations of all the churches within each county and parish in Ireland.

I am vaguely familiar with DNA-genealogy, having followed some of the developments within the past year or so. As R-L21 I have tested through the WTY with no new haplogroup (branch of the Y-tree) found, and upgraded from 67 to 111 markers for future comparisons with other participants. I remain in a large population group which originated prior to surnames and have not found a definitive match within a genealogical time-frame. My understanding is the 111 marker upgrade will be the limit for marker testing, which gives us our haplotypes (leaves on the branches of the Y-tree).


Searching for GGG grandparents both born somewhere in Ireland.
Henry Thompson, Sr. was born Nov. 22, 1747 (maybe in the Armagh area, NI), and Hannah E. Mc Cullock she went by the name Eleanor (nickname Nellie) was born in 1771.

The family arrived in Orange County New York State in 1801.
In 1803 Henry and Eleanor joined Graham’s Presbyterian Church, Pine Bush, Orange Co., N.Y.

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