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From: Don Thompson <>
Subject: [S-I] GGG grandparents Thompson / Mc Cullock location in Ireland
Date: Mon, 4 Jul 2011 18:09:53 -0400 (EDT)

Searching for GGG grandparents both born somewhere in Ireland.
Henry Thompson, Sr. was born Nov. 22, 1747 (maybe in the Armagh area, NI), and Hannah E. Mc Cullock she went by the name Eleanor (nickname Nellie) was born in 1771.

The family arrived in Orange County New York State in 1801.
In 1803 Henry and Eleanor joined Graham’s Presbyterian Church, Pine Bush, Orange Co., N.Y.

Henry was married twice, first spouse is unknown. They had 5 children.
Henry and Eleanor also had 5 children that we know of. A possible child lineage follows:
(1) Henry Thompson Sr. 1747-1829
1A (first wife) Unknown
1A1 James Thompson
1A2 Sally Ann (Ballard) Thompson
1A3 Nancy (Hurd) Thompson
1A4 Eleanor (Kilbourne) Thompson
1A5 Isabel (Mackinson) Thompson

1B Hannah Eleanor Mc Cullock b 1771, d ca 1848
1B1 Jane (Lawson) Thompson b 1790, Ireland, d 1881 NY
1B2 Hugh Thompson b 1791, Ireland, d 1849 Drydeb, NY
1B3 William Henry Thompson, b 1792, Ireland, d 1876 NY
1B4 Martha (Houtz) Thompson b ca 1798, Ireland, d 1884 Nebraska
1B5 Henry Thompson Jr. b 4 May, 1803, Montgomery, Orange County,
NY. d 7 March,1896, Elmira, NY

The family business was farming and they stayed in the Orange County area of New York State until 1817 at witch time they moved to Dryden, Tompkins County, N. Y., again farming also was the main family business in Dryden.

Henry Sr. died in Dryden, Tompkins County, N. Y. on July 10, 1829 at the
age of 82. Up until this time the family had been Presbyterian, but as a result of a Masonic funeral for Henry Sr. versus a Presbyterian pastor who was anti-masonic, Henry Jr. became a Baptist, causing a possible religious family split, as some family members stayed Presbyterian.

Looking for any information and will share info.
Thank you,
Don Thompson
Whittier, California

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