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Subject: Re: [S-I] Genetics, etc
Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2011 12:32:07 -0400
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Actually some of us need fish genes while others of us need camel genes! I
don't need the fish genes, even though I live in WHAT IS SUPPOSED TO BE
tropical, rainy Florida...camel genes would come in handy. We are also
having fires here in FLorida, just not as bad as where some friends and
family are...but we have not ducked the tornado issue..midwestern types
hitting Florida this year, including somehow missing our did the
lightning strikes.

And, for a part being on 'semi-topic', have any of you looked at the
Melungeons and the stories around them. Reason for SI ancestry
may have kind of mixed up with them..which possibly could account for both
my husband and I having family members who look Mediterranean or Arab, or
who knows what.
ps. normally I don't do a reply but the heat is frying my brain as is the I am leaving it..promise I will try to remember to not do it

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Hi folks, here we are in the summer duldrums, busy bailing out our
basements, fighting off wildfires, moving to higher ground, dodging
tornadoes, building arks.....

The tornado in Massachusetts missed my daughter's house in Sturbridge by 4

For those who are hooked on DNA genealogy, a new free toy. As explained in
this blog:

The Interpretome site will tell you if you have Neanderthal genes. I am sure
some of you lay wake at night wondering about this <grin>.

I uploaded my results from and guess what? I got none! Much
to everyone's surprise, I'm one hundred percent human. Wow, that's a relief. is the direct link. You have to have autosomal
test results, of course. How do you get those, you ask?
Go to one of these sites or some others and pay your money, spit in the kit
test tube, when it comes, mail them back and wait for the results to come.
Cost? Varies. Right now $100 to test plus $100 for a years subscription
(returns matches to cousins and new test results). I haven't checked today
so I may be wrong.

That's at . www.familytreedna also has an autosomal test. It
does not test as many medically interesting sites so you do not get medical
information in any great detail. You do with 23andme. (I have no red flags
that would concern an insurance company except for a heightened likelihood
to reject organs if transplanted).

Other fine firms out there: try a google or sub to the DNA newbie list and
ask what's popular.

>From 23andme it was amazingly easy to get my raw results and then upload to
>this site. Didn't take 5 minutes. Then after the Feds analyze them for
>alien genomes and they are posted on wikileaks, I'll delete them.

This useless post will flush out the bad email addies and they'll be
automatically unsubbed by the software. A form of email list vacuuming.

Linda Merle (List Admin) -- 100% human!!

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