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From: Sharon Oddie Brown <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Hugeunots of County Down
Date: Tue, 17 May 2011 08:26:44 -0700
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Your mention of the Huguenot name PILLOW jogged my memory, so I went to
look at my PRONI records. I had rooted around at PRONI T960/1 a decade
ago when I was snuffling around looking for OLIVERs. - who were also
Huguenots. It had lots on them. They intermarried with DOBBINs and an
Agnes PILLOW, daughter of Thomas PILLOW (1769-) married James DOBBIN

There is also PRONI T636/44
Lists of Tenants Dillon Estate. 1617. 1696. & Castledillon Rental.
247-54 (44) Original in Armagh Library. See Cat. of MSS p.9. Period
1617-1696. This is a very short abstract. Original much fuller. The
Rental of 1721-2 has been either lost or destroyed & the Pillow copy is
the only one in existence. Same applies to Rental of 1723-24. This is a
very interesting collection, no part of which has yet been printed.

1819 Henry Pillow's offer for John Henry's farm in Killyruddan.

James PILLOW Mullabane - Freeholder. 1814, 1819
Samuel PILLOW Mullabane - Freeholder 1814, 1819 (His will is at PRONI)
Thomas PILLOW Mullabane 1814, 1819 (His will is at PRONI)
Henry PILLOW, Altaturke, 1825 (His will is at PRONI)
Thomas PILLOW, Altaturke, 1825

Bundle of 7 documents, assignments, renewals and mortgage relating to
John Crothers, Thomas Mosley, Joshua Vogan, Samuel Pillow and others
concerning house and gardens, English St., Armagh.

Lease for 2 lives or 21 years. John Simpson, Ballyards, Co. Armagh, to
Henry Pillow, Altaturk, Co. Armagh. Lenalea, Co. Armagh.
Lease for 2 lives or 21 years. Rent £23.12.7. per annum. John Simpson,
Ballyards, Co. Armagh, to Henry Pillow, Altaturk, Co. Armagh. Lenalea,
Co. Armagh.

T634/1(Dec. 26 [1852] - The Marco Polo arrived in the Mersey about noon
from (Melbourne, having achieved the passage there and back in five
(months and twenty-one days: Hampton Pillow, wife, family, and (niece
(Maryjane Pillow) went out to Melbourne in her.

Renewal of Lease for 37 years: £16.12s.4d. p.a. rent relating to House,
East Side of English Street, Armagh from Elizabeth Vogan of Armagh,
widow 1st part and John Vogan of Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin 2nd part
to Samuel Pillow of Armagh, innkeeper 3rd part.

Official No.: 34123, Name: Pillow, Port of Registration: Belfast, Nature
of Document: H.T. Returns.

FIN/10/10/CT6448 12 December 1874
Conveyance in perpetuity from the Commissioners of Church Temporalities
in Ireland, 1st part, to John Dignam of Legarhill, flax merchant and
Jackson Pillow, gentleman, both of Co. Armagh, of the 2nd part, and John
Dignam of Legarhill of the 3rd part. In consideration of £56 19s. for
lands, tenements and part of the town of Legarhill.
Yearly rent :£2 2s.0d.
NOTE: A Jackson PILLOW(b 1850) was a son of Robert PILLOW of Kildarton,
Co. Armagh. He attended the Royal School of Armagh. 1862-1865. He then
emigrated to USA. ANother Jackson PILLOW b 1827 also attended. He was
son of Henry PILLOW, farmer of Altaturk, Kildartan, Co. Armagh. T.C.D.
July 1847, age 20; B.A. 1852. Died 8th March 1905.

Map. Sheppard v Pillow.

Tombstone inscriptions from the Pillow manuscripts in Armagh library
relating to graveyards of 2nd Armagh Presbyterian, St. Marks, Armagh,
Tynan parish, Keady parish, Derrynoose parish, Mullabrack parish,
Loughgall parish, Seagoe parish, Shankill (Lurgan) parish, Kilmore
parish, Ballymore parish, Eglish parish, Loughgilly parish, Creggan
parish, Killevey parish, Caledon, Clonfeacle, Benburb parish, Killyman,
Co. Tyrone parish, Glasslough, Co. Monaghan, Donagh, Co. Monaghan, Newry.

There are lots of PILLOW wills that can be accessed at the PRONI wills

Sharon Oddie Brown,
Roberts Creek, BC, Canada.
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