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Subject: Re: [S-I] Grant family
Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2011 15:12:31 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Sharon,


1. google for something like Ulysses Grant Genealogy . I just did that and found some information. WARNING: any body can put a website on the Internet. The information needs to be verified. Good stuff identifies the source of it. Crap does not.

2. Visit a library in person or on line. Famous people's genealogy is often published. On line see google books and . Same warning as above applies. Look for scholarly works with lots of footnotes. The footnotes will identify the source of the information (Bibles, etc). There is a lot of information contained in these scholarly history books that never trickles down to family historians.

3. Research on the traditional genealogical websites. These start with . Same warning as above applies.

If you can't find a tie in to your family, then you have to Do Genealogy. It's happened to many of us who have stories about some relationship to a famous person. Sigh.

Here you can learn a lot easily locally. Check out local genealogy groups that provide lectures and seminars. Buy books. Often you must do this on line (see -- it has an on line index to a large portion of its publications. Check on line to see if a local library has the book to avoid purchasing unnecessarily). There are seminars and webinars and free enewsletters where you can learn a little bit every day.

Download the free version of Legacy Family Tree. Upgrade to the paid version. It includes extensive research guidance.

Feel free to go to the courthouse, but don't think your work is done when you come home. There's huge amounts of stuff you didn't find because of no indexing. Go to the county library or archive. Mine (Westmoreland Co, PA) has a wall of tax records, stretching back before 1800, all photocopied and organized alphabetically by township. They are not transcriptions but the actual tax records. I have a shelf of PA genealogy books....not one of them mentions this collection. It'll let you narrow down the arrival date of ancestor to the first year he paid taxes.

American genealogy is generally not ethnic. Records are the same (which exceptions for Africans and a few others) -- organized by county and state. You need to know to use these types of records. The info usually held by ethnic heritage groups on famous individuals may be old, hoary, and totally wrong. So you will not get far actually trying to use such information to do family history. So stick with genealogy groups.

Though initially a query like this here can flush out some 'low hanging fruit' that is 'known' to most. Not all of the fruit is eatable. Some rotted long ago, but at least you can find it quickly.

You can generally find information on a man's sister in deeds and wills related to his parents. I am sure we know the name of Ullysses' parents. Check the New England Historic and Genealogical Society (google for website) -- one of their genealogists has published extensively on the biographies of American presidents. His books are highly respected.

It may be you must research your ancestress, and not Ulysses. You may find the oral history is not correct; hence all efforts to try to associate her to Ullysses will fail. Thus you will need to research her and not him to identify her parents. Doing this you may find a connection a generation or more back. It is easy for oral history to truncate generations. It's a clue, not a fact, and like many clues, it can be misleading till investigated. Detectives always try to get cooperating evidence on TV, remember? Just because the upstairs maid thinks the butler did it doesn't mean the butler did it. You would need additional evidence to get a conviction. Or you could learn the butler dumped the upstairs maid a short time before and she was trying to frame him to get revenge.

Best of luck,

Linda Merle

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Can you give me advice, on how to go about find information on U. S. Grants father. My family bible say we a family to U. S. Grant. My Great Uncle and Aunt, (which are gone now ) felt because of the dates that 3rd great grandmother Catherine Grant was a sister to U.S, Grants father. I have not been able to find much on Jessie Grants siblings.
Thank you

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