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Subject: Re: [S-I] Ancient Scots/Irish ties and info - My Apologies
Date: Sat, 9 Apr 2011 16:49:20 +0000 (UTC)
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Hi Steade, apologies accepted.

Over the years it has seemed to me that there are at least two foci of interest regarding the Scotch Irish, and probably every other ethnic group. There are those who want to promote the past and future of the group and those who want to dissect it. One group wants to recount the accomplishments of the group and promote what I'll call 'the myth', not meaning the fairy tale that is false, but rather the story that may have false elements or not but which defines and unites the group identity. The other group of people are always say "Yes, but...." and waving some old papers about that might (or might not) challenge the mythology of the, well, clan. Some (group 1) find this downright heretical as they are tasked with firing up the clan for the next life challenge. While group two simply want to get to the bottom of it and discover The Truth. Group 2 doesn't care much if it debunks the entire myth of the clan and causes it to get very depressed and suffer loss of soul. We actually need both types.

Largely the loyalists of this list are group 2. We just want to find out where our brick wall ancestors came from and slowly (we've learned) pry loose a few stones.

I've unjoined from a number of heritage groups in the USA because all they wanted to do was recount the old myths. I find this kind of boring. I'd rather read a new book by Bernard Bailyn on the peopling of the Americas. I want to dig and burrow and get to the Truth, which I try to remember really shouldn't be spelled with a capital <grin>. Otherwise if I take this kind of attitude towards the Truth du jour, it becomes the same kind of chest thumping as earnest tales of Daniel Boone. It all can come full circle.

But we can co exist with a little understanding of each other.

The two groups exist in Northern Ireland...actually there are four: two Irish groups too: one trying to convince their neighbors they are 100% Irish (and should be living by brehon laws) and one promoting, perhaps 'single identity'. Oh, and then there's the ones who have chucked ethnicity altogether as a bad thing that leads to bad things.

For myself I realize that if I could do enough genealogy, I'd learn that my past comprises the entire past of Ulster. My ancestors have suffered on every side of its many conflicts. And the same goes for those ancestors of mine who came from Scotland (as well as those who migrated directly from Scotland in 1893).

Largely this list was named "Scotch Irish" because that is what we are called in the USA. The Canadians largely hang on another list after a brawl on this list. One made a post saying he had detected a lack of respect for the Queen (or something like that) down here and proceeded to correct us. Hadn't he ever been south of Niagra Falls? I didn't pay a lot of attention except to put the list in 'monitor mode' but then I got a phone call from the US Orange Order demanding I turn over all correspondence. They were off to Belfast to the grand lodge to demand this Canuckie be expelled for invading (or something like that). I was amazed and for once didn't know what to say as I'd already said some embarrassing things. Anyway the Canadians elected him to a position of prominence, the grand lodge spent the summer dealing with its own problems and the Canadians seceded. But it's not exclusively about the Scotch Irish in America. Usually people come here when they are struggling to figure out how to trace the ancestors back to Ulster. That's our common interest.

Maybe we need another list that will focus on the American heritage of these people and you can be the admin?

I'm one of those guys who watched the American "Who Do You Think You Are" last night and when Jill was oozing over how her ancestor William Brewster, et al, went to America and founded freedom of religion I wanted to puke. The Massachusetts Bay Colony did not have freedom of religion. You conformed or you were publicly whipped and lucky to escape to Rhode Island or New York. Religious freedom in America began with William Penn, not William Brewster and his pal Bradley.

Did anyone else catch that? I did feel, as I witnessed myself thinking this thought that, wow, I was thinking a very Scotch Irish thought indeed. And I felt that maybe for once all the cousins down in Georgia and Tennessee wouldn't think so badly of their northern mountain cousin after all <grin>. And so the American wars of history ....roll on.... Maybe we should attack their website? No, that's too Scotch Irish <grin>......

Linda Merle

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Subject: Re: [S-I] Ancient Scots/Irish ties and info - My Apologies

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Linda, you go, girl.

Cousin Marilyn in New Hampshire

Linda and fellow site users of Scotch-Irish,

My intention was not to offend any of you. And, perhaps, I do deserve a
verbal broadside to more fully understand the specific mission and purpose
of the site.

I have found excellent Ulster and Northern Ireland specific genealogical
sites. However, I am interested in the broader genealogical history of the
Scotch-Irish people (and my ancestors), who, since the settlement of Ulster,
have spread around the world. Their role in founding of the USA and also
Canada, and establishment of American states, such as NC and TX, and
cities & towns was significant. Furthermore, Scotch-Irish history, prior to
Ulster Settlement, is of interest to me, as well. I shall look elsewhere for

I do defend open, broad communication and discussion within the
Scotch-Irish genealogical context of this site. If it is only within the context of
Northern Ireland/Ulster Scotch-Irish, I respect that purpose.

And, Linda, I certainly have no wish to be site administrator, which you
seemed to have offered. You have very outspoken and strong supporters,
appreciative of your long and many efforts and of your knowledge, which you
freely provide.


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