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From: "Donna Nichols" <>
Subject: [S-I] Scotch-Irish stuff
Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 13:21:45 -0400

Had to copy this of your, Linda..couldn't resist! Unlike my grandfather, I do not have red h air, but I did inherit the very bad temper. If I had a sword, I'd have removed a few heads myself, but the angels or fairies arranged that I would not have a sword and so many lives were spared

Several friends right now are glad I didn't have a sword over the last couple of weeks! That is the Scotch-Irish part of me...along with the Scots! I know I sure don't have any royalty for a lot of generations back...and I do know where the Rev. John Steele came from and through to arrive in Cumberland Co. Carlisle, PA by 1743.. He came from Londonderry, and had a bit of a being a tad hardnosed. I also have read descriptions of him as the "Fighting Parson" which he was, and have pictures of Ft. Steele. Then I lived in the mountains of East Tennessee in pure Appalachia; that in itself was quite an experience. My husband's family back to the 1700's settled there, and considered themselves Scotch-Irish. They were all also Presbyterians, farmers, fighters, and whiskey runners! Oh, and yes, I have tried possum (too greasy), raccoon, whistle pig, along with good venison and bear.
If you want some interesting reading try this book for size...I learned a whole lot about my 4th great grandfather!!! It also will explain about the development of PA including the frontier areas. My family really gets started in Chapter 2..Sentence1 and 2.


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