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Subject: Re: [S-I] SCOTCH-IRISH Digest, Johnsons of the Iroquois
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2011 21:41:48 -0000
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If you have a family feud, give up! We Scotch Irish can teach the Italians a
thing or two about running a feud.

However given that most family lore is wrong, a much more likely reason is
that in Ulster there is a distinct lack of interest in Family History. One
might almost say fear of the topic. My Mother, (B 1909) though brought up in
a family where genealogy was freely discussed simply was, like her sisters
uninterested in anything to do with her background. She told a story of two
of her aunts cutting the genealogy pages out of the family Bible to hide
their ages. Did it happen? I don't know.

Part of this reticence is the fear of the digging up of family skeletons,
especially "premature" first babies, but I suspect that there is also a
religious input. In most families (like mine) the only person who in
interested in family history are those who have converted to Mormonism. When
Mormon Missionaries appeared in Ulster in any number in the 1950s there was,
as can be imagined a negative reaction by the Churches - I remember being
warned about them in 1st Bangor Presbyterian Church in about 1954. Family
history got mixed in in the popular minds with divergent religion and
strange rites with the dead, thus reinforcing the natural reluctance to the
whole genealogical thing.

In my Father's side the only person who seems interested in family history
is my Granny's sister's granddaughter who is a Mormon, who has been in touch
with me. When we lived in Ireland people use to come over to explore family
history. If they wanted to see my Grandfather (by then in his mid 90s), he
fobbed them off on me. I listened politely but genuinely was unable to help
them. My Uncle, the supposed family historian had a story of the origins of
the family which was so fantastical that it was clearly a work of fiction
and romance. He had one or two documents which he shared with me, but
generally there was nothing.

I suspect that this attitude may contribute to any reluctance to meet with
nosy Americans or colonials which is met in a family.
Edward Andrews

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> alas from my cousins information it is a family feud type thing.
> The Two brothers came to the USA......some of their
> descentants went over to the hometown to visit and were not
> allowed to even go inside.
> Were turned away......can you imagine how frustrating that
> was ???? to be on the steps of relatives and they wont speak to you.
> Thanks for the ideas but with human nature as it is. It
> isn't important to them .......they would rather be mad about
> whatever??? no one knows.
> I have looked at the Johnson sites and sent out queries but
> no help yet.
> one thing the oldest grandmother said that was very confusing
> was that the brothers had long hair braided on the sides and
> wore black. NOW that is really a question? Like the Hasssidic
> Jews it sounds like. So this is some of my brick walls.
> ANYONE know how to look them up??
> Sarah
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> > Ok- that begs the obvious question. Who's guarding the
> family Bible? are
> > they known to you and the Fleming researchers. We have some
> reputable
> > Ulster
> > contacts on this list who may get permission to transcribe the book.
> > Much of Ulster is opening to the reality that there family
> "secrets" are
> > usless when never shared. People are learning they could
> have made real
> > connections (and not got sold into slavery ;) if they had
> opened up those
> > books.
> > So what's the short story on this?
> > Colin Brooks
> > The 1718 Project
> >
> >
> > In a message dated 3/11/2011 10:53:05 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,
> > writes:
> >
> > Hi Jerry,
> > I was wondering if your Johnsons had sisters ?? Two of my Flemings
> > married Johnson sisters in early yrs...........Jane and Martha I
> > believe..........The Flemings were James and John. They
> came to USA in
> > 1720-30s into MD and PA. OH for a good look at the family
> Bible ....its
> > in
> > NI and guarded very one gets to look at it
> and it would
> > solve soooo many problems.
> > of the message
> >
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