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From: Cindy <>
Subject: Re: [S-I] Some Tools -SCOTCH-IRISH Digest -
Date: Tue, 30 Nov 2010 08:48:52 -0600
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The 'Weardale' search... was it on this S-I list where I saw a link/info
that provided a list of some of the ancient discontinued town names of
England?? Sort of recently? If not, I'll rack my brain to think of
just where I saw that info.

BTW, many people say it, but I need to say this too - I just love your
conversational way of feeding us wonderful tidbits of current and
ancient S-I knowledge. It's like we're sitting around the dining table
after a wonderful family meal, drinking coffee and chewing over
everything from a to z! Thank you! I am sure you give S-I 'talks' and
I would love to attend one, if possible, sometime. Do you go about and
do that, Linda?

Thanks for all you do.


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> Subject: [S-I] Some tools
> Then I wondered, okay, what's there on this obscure little town in Durham, England where my ancestors came from. I searched for Weardale. A LOT. So far none relevant but I got six more index pages to go through.
> Linda Merle
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