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Subject: [S-I] Some tools
Date: Sun, 28 Nov 2010 18:46:32 +0000 (UTC)

Hi folks,

Today I am organizing 400 plus ebooks (aka 'pdf files) that I have largely downloaded from google books and purchased from various sources and stolen from a few others. Organizing them is truly a pain. If I read them all I'd be enlightened or really a pain in the you know where.

I also have some free novels, Linux books, tai chi books/videos, etc, etc....arggggg. I don't know what I got and what I don't. I obtained (free) an organizer called Calibre . It's kind of strange but, hey... It is not an academic tool. It'll convert your PDFs to a format that your Kindle (or whatever) will read and apparently send it. I donno. I have a small netbook and a flash drive. I must hook up the wireless router (unless some man wants to come over and do it for me <grin>). But my new kitten steals flash drives so this might get 'esculated'

This product has a button called 'Fetch Metadata from the server'. It downloads the author, publishing date, etc, etc. If it can't find a front page you can fire up the pdf and copy the page to Calibre ... voila! It copies all your stuff over into a directory of its own and organizes the info in a SQLite file. If you don't back all this stuff up you could be doing it again. Documentation was written by the author so it is not user friendly. Says everything is in a file whose location you identified when you installed it. Like, you remember now??? Thank heavens for searching functions.

While searching for metadata for the state papers of Wm and Mary, I found this site. It has ALL the volumes of the Calendars of State Papers of William and Mary. And displays metadata. I got Vol. 2 from google. Now I know there's a lot more....Hey, I want all those other volumes too, don't I? You can join the site for free and get access to all the other volumes:

Just join for free.

Then I wondered, okay, what's there on this obscure little town in Durham, England where my ancestors came from. I searched for Weardale. A LOT. So far none relevant but I got six more index pages to go through.

Ireland is not on line yet, but as good old William and Mary just happened to be monarchs of England and Scotland too -- their state papers are all there. Probably along with all the grumbly ones from Queen Elizabeth's reign, where she grumbled about the Irish a lot. Of course if she'd kept her army out of there, maybe she'd not have had to grumble so much, but then maybe the Spanish woulda used it to stage an invasion of England and we'd all be speaking Spanish today.

For newer people, a year ago I went to Salt Lake on a quest, like everyone else. I was tracking a native Irish family in Ulster who assimilated later on into the "Scotch Irish". Some people using what became their surname did appear in various state papers, some as early as the 1400s. Even though your ancestor was a humble Presbyterian farmer, he might be named if he got masacred in the Rising of 1641 (his heirs or neighbors testified), or joined a militia, or got into trouble.

nyway I was happy, so I thought I'd share before the new kitten disables the keyboard (again). He doesn't like speakers and has sharpened his claws on mine so now they're kind of raggedy looking. I sure hope he grows up fast. He muted my computer yesterday in some strange way that took me half an hour to find and fix Now I know why someone ditched him in an alley. (Actually he was just a tiny thing and a lot less trouble then: a lilac linux-pointed siamese with a cat cold).

Linda Merle

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